Saturday 21 May 2016

Tall Tales At The Top Of The Blackpool Tower!

We've had the most awesome day today reviewing a special event at The Blackpool Tower, so I am anxious to spread the word because it would be a shame if they didn't sell out! Only for the next 3 Saturday mornings can you experience Tall Tales at The Blackpool Tower - and what you get is exactly the same as what we experienced...and it's a fantastic morning out...

For Tall Tales you have to arrive at 9am, an hour before The Blackpool Tower opens to the general public. This in itself is really special. Being inside when this amazing old building is virtually empty is something youngest certainly felt it.

Up in the lift to where your morning really starts, at the The Blackpool Tower Eye 4D Cinema.

This is a truly fabulous 4D movie. The film is really an advert showing what Blackpool and the surrounding area have to offer, but it's incredibly well done. Lancashire is a gorgeous county, and my partner felt as I did that we should have given them a round of applause at the end.

After the 4D cinema we all went into a lift, and as the doors opened at the top we saw what we were most excited about. We were in The Blackpool Tower Eye, and in front of us was The Sky Walk. The glass floor was a bit daunting at first, but my brave 7 year old went on it...and he was proud of himself for being so brave.

My partner wasn't daunted at all. He loved it. He'd have sat there all day I think...

I'll admit I wasn't so brave. I was totally fine before I went to step onto the glass, and then I just couldn't do it. I didn't enjoy even looking over the edge, but I did get a photo of the giant Comedy Carpet - which pays homage to some of the most UK's most popular comedians.

There is a 360 degree view, and we were lucky enough to have a fairly clear day, with around 40 miles of visibility. Not clear enough to see the Angel Of The North, but we were told it is possible to see it on a really good day.

We were told all about all kinds of landmarks by the Tall Tales storytellers. They were very good, and really kept the children's interest. They moved around the tower and were actually very successful tour guides, as they created a story around the visible landmarks, and all of the children actually listened and learnt - as did the adults.

Our youngest discovered you can also find out about what you can see by looking at screens.

A rare photo of me in one of my own blog posts! The large windows are mostly too high for both of my young boys, but there are smaller lower windows and on the side facing the beach the entire wall is obviously glass anyway.

After the storytelling and bravery on the glass floor we went for brunch in the Jungle Jims Party Room. This was lovely! Gorgeous Danish pastries, biscuits and muffins, juices and thankfully tea and coffee.

After we'd demolished all of the food we went into The Blackpool Tower High Education Room. Inside the first thing we spotted was a model Blackpool Tower in LEGO!

In fact that was exactly why we were there. Our next activity was to create our own Blackpool Tower using LEGO and instructions supplied. Needless to say it was a challenge we rose to! Here's mine complete.

Always carry a LEGO minifigure, you never know when you might find one handy...

LEGO building over, the children were all given a real treat - a bag of Chocolate Seagull Eggs. These are actually huge, and my boys have only eaten a couple each so far.

To end the morning the children get 45 minutes play in Jungle Jims. We spoke about this in my previous Blackpool Tower Attractions review post. The boys were delighted to be back, and it was nice for me to get a good look around.

It's an absolutely massive soft play area - obviously I can't take photos inside (all the children in this photo were with our party, but other children were also playing), but you'd never do it justice anyway. It's colossal.

The Tall Tales Event at The Blackpool Tower was a really fabulous morning. We all loved it. My boys were more than happy to go straight home afterwards - they had had so much fun anyway. They both said 'thank you for taking me' in the van on the way home, and chattered and giggled to each other about what they'd experienced.

I think one of the great things about Tall Tales which may not even occur is the access to the inside of The Blackpool Tower when it is empty. You get to see lots of the actual metalwork structure, and you can appreciate more of the work that went into making the tower, and just how impressive it would have been back in 1891.

This is a gorgeous old building, with beautiful detail that would never be included now, and it's been very carefully looked after and preserved, while still being put to full use. As originally intended.

The burning question for me when I got outside was, "Could you see my pants if I walked on the glass floor in a skirt?". My answer has to be a fairly safe no.

The Blackpool Tower is running Tall Tales on only the next 3 Saturday mornings around the Whitsun holidays. An on-the-day ticket to just The Blackpool Tower Eye is £13.50 (child £10.50), advance tickets £10.50 (child £8).

Tall Tales includes The Blackpool Tower Eye plus the storytellers, early entry, gorgeous brunch and Jungle Jims, and not forgetting the Seagull Eggs, and costs only £19.95 per child with a FREE ADULT. Extra adults are £9.95. This makes it insanely awesome value, and I recommend anyone reading who fancies a day in Blackpool to just book it!

You'll love it.

We were treated to our visit to Tall Tales as a preview for review.


  1. The glass floor is brilliant! I enjoyed standing there to take photo! it was fun! What a great place to visit!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I did really like it, I just couldn't bring myself to stand on it hahaha :D

  2. This made me wish that my boys were younger. They asked me to write about it and I so wanted to go1 Would you mind if I link to your post in mine?

    1. You are more than welcome, thank you, and thanks for checking. It was a great time, we loved it - we'd all totally go again next week :D

  3. This looks amazing. I love blackpool tower and blackpool. Such fun and look at their wee faces. Love it xx

    1. We all had a truly excellent time. So many smiles!!! :D

  4. I always regretted not going up the Blackpool Tower when we went 3 years ago. Now I'm not sure I'd get up there in my chair, and I definitely would be too scared to ride my wheelchair on the glass floor. It's another good reason to learn to walk again :)

    1. Anne, I'm sure you would totally get up there now - there is a huge lift :)

  5. I took my niece and nephew to jungle jim's after not being for years and I was taken back by how it had changed. Don't know if you saw it, but if you think it's big now, you should seen the size of it a decade ago! Went along all sides of the room and so large they had to have 2 long bridges going across to each side near the ceiling for kids to run along, one regular for parents and smaller children and another built like an actual jungle bridge, indiana jones style (boxed in by safety ropes of course).

    It's a damn shame they'll never experience that, but while I was mourning it's loss, the kids were too busy off making their own memories. Chances are the old version was too dangerous, too easy for them to get up to mischief with blocked off areas.

    1. Hiya Jay and thank you for your comment! I didn't ever see it before, but my friend has the same awesome memories as you. I suspect you are right and they were constantly having to send in rescue parties, but it must have been amazing walking across the top like that. As you say, the kids have nothing to miss and it really is still huge. Thank you so much - and I'm glad that your children made some lovely memories, thank you for sharing yours :)


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