Wednesday 18 May 2016

Vegetarian Fajitas in 20 minutes with Iceland Foods #PowerOfFrozen

I have a huge freezer because I'm well aware of the #PowerOfFrozen. I've been asked by Iceland to take another look at their range and see if I can come up with an interesting meal for my family which demonstrates some of the benefits of using frozen food - quality and choice, value for money and convenience.

Freezing preserves vitamins and allows us to eat foods out of season, and it allows me to buy more cheaply for my large family. Among my shopping was this great 30 piece Barbeque Pack for only £5 - not only perfect for barbeques, also ideal for my little boys who often are the only ones eating meat at teatime in our house...

£5 value barbeque pack Iceland frozen foods

Another really quick and easy teatime meal I found for my boys (and which was a complete surprise to me) was the Greggs section! Real Greggs Sausage Rolls and Vegetable Pasties, they've been a real hit! At £1.50 each pack they're fantastic value too...

Greggs pasties and sausage rolls from Iceland

Last time I worked with Iceland Frozen Foods I made Vegetarian Special Egg Fried Rice - from freezer to table in well under 30 minutes for less than £1 per person (including dessert).

Vegetarian special 5 minute egg fried rice from Iceland

I used ingredients this time to make a protein meal in a similar way using Sweet Chilli Noodles, Sausages and a side of Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Sweet Chilli Noodle Stir Fry

Sweet Chilli Noodle Stir Fry 5 minute recipe Iceland

Ingredients (prices given for the full bag/package)

Sweet Chilli Noodles (£1.50)
Sausages x 6 (£1.25)
Spring Rolls (£1.00)


Cook your chosen sausages separately following packet instructions and cut into quarters
Cook the Vegetable Spring Rolls and while they are in the oven, stir fry the Sweet Chilli Noodles in a big pan.
Once the noodles are loose and mixing into the stir fry add the sausage.
Stir fry for another couple of minutes and serve.

Gorgeous and quick as that is, and under £1 per person, it's a bit cheaty, so I have chosen another recipe for this post.

Using frozen prepared vegetables save lots of time in the kitchen, and are great for preventing waste because you only need to take exactly what you need from the pack. Iceland don't only sell frozen products, I've included some of their storecupboard and fresh ingredients in this recipe.

Vegetarian Fajitas

Ingredients (prices given for the full bag/package)

Diced Onions (£1)
Sliced Mixed Peppers (£1)
Quorn Chicken Pieces (£2)

Tortilla Wraps (£1)
Iceland Extra Mature Cheddar (£2)
Lettuce (Iceland Salad Selection Pack £1)
Fajita Seasoning (75p)

For quantities I used the suggested portion on each pack per person, and found it worked incredibly well.  Each adult had 2 Vegetable Tortillas each.


If you are heating the Tortillas in a microwave then do them just before you serve. If you are heating them using a different method then they'll probably need to go in around the same time as the frozen veg goes into the pan.

Fry the Quorn Pieces in a large pan until they are golden around the edges.
Add the Fajita Seasoning and cook for a couple more minutes.
Add the frozen Diced Onion and Sliced Peppers.
Cook for around 4-5 minutes until everything is piping hot.

To serve take one tortilla at a time and fill, adding cheese and lettuce and any accompaniments you may also like - sour cream, salsa etc. The preferred choice here was Garlic Mayonnaise(£1).

The total time to cook the meal is around 20 minutes, and you can cook for 1, 2 or more than 10 if you have a pan big enough! The cost per portion of 2 Fajitas is less than £1.25 which leaves more than enough for an Iceland frozen dessert, and at the request of our 7 year old we had Mini Chocolate Eclairs - £1 for 12....

Frozen foods are a fantastic way to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, with less waste, less effort and often for less money, without compromising on nutritional value.

For loads more recipe ideas and to find your nearest store, take a look at the Iceland website.

I was reimbursed for my shopping and paid for my time taken over this post.


  1. I love those fajitas :) I have a freezer full of frozen veg, I still buy fresh but it's so handy to have plenty in the freezer just in case. Iceland is my place of choice to go for party or bbq food too.

    1. It is so handy to save time! It takes me ages chopping veg sometimes - such a joy to just pour them out of the bag :)

  2. These look amazing. I would never think to make some of these. Iceland is fab for so many things. Those fajitas look tasty xx

    1. We have veggie fajitas most weeks because everyone eats them and really enjoys them - a rarity! :) x

  3. I love shopping in Iceland especially all their frozen food especially prawn. What a great bargain.

    1. Iceland are famous for their prawns - but no-one here eats them, so I've never cooked or bought any! They have a massive fish section though, I can appreciate it must be a real speciality of theirs :)


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