Saturday 30 July 2016

Chrono Bomb Game Review - Ninja Spy Training For Kids!

One of the latest games we've been sent to review is very different from anything we've played before. Chrono Bomb is possibly the most active game my children have ever played, requiring you to weave your way through a course of lasers to get to the bomb and defuse it before it explodes. It's pretty brilliant.

My boys love the Ninja Training Camp at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, and now they can play it at home. Chrono Bomb box contains 7 very fancy clips for you to build your course, including the start and end special clips.

The start clip contains a reel of cord and has a ratcheted winder to tighten the cord to the correct tension once the course is all in place. 

The end clip is attached to the bomb. It takes 3 x AAA batteries which are used to create the sound effects and 'set off the bomb' when you fail. There is a timer to set to challenge the player, and it can be set anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Each touch of the cord will give a few seconds penalty, so time can add up quickly.

The sensor to tell if you catch the cord is simple, yet intricate. My boys soon learnt that this has to be set correctly or the game won't work. The black tab has to slot into the sensor and stay there, so the last 2 clips need to be pretty equal heightwise for it to work well.

It's also worth mentioning the tiny red clips that help seat the black tab correctly - one of ours pinged off almost straightaway and hasn't been seen since. They aren't essential, but they do make it a little easier.

The clips are really easy to use as soon as you've found somewhere suitable. Our upstairs landing is perfect. The springs are great and they also rotate, so it's quite forgiving. Getting the tension just right can take a little while, and will need adjusting most times after someone has been through the course and knocked it.

On it's own that was fun enough for my boys for a while, but it's the cards that change this from an easily worked out puzzle into something a bit more complex. The set includes a pack of 10 Object Cards which you put around the course. The rules suggest players collect 3/4 around the course, but varying this number, and where you position them, makes it more or less challenging.

There is also an additional phone and tablet app. on Android and IOS which works with 2 of the cards, allowing players 2 additional games - having to cut the correct wires or work out a keypad code to defuse the bomb.

The games in the app. are beautifully animated and fun, but quite simple so that they're accessible to the age 6+ age range. The keypad game is bit too easy for my 7 year old, he sussed it second go and now can't fail. The 'cut the wires' game is a bit tricky for anyone who can't see all the colours clearly.

Here's a short video so that you can see the game in action...

We really like Chrono Bomb. It requires a bit more space and setting up than most games, and parents will be called on to help children set it up as younger ones especially will find it frustrating, but it's loads of fun and totally worth the effort. 

Chrono Bomb is available now online and in store, with an rrp of £29.99, but currently on offer at £19.98 on Amazon. Recommended for age 6+.

I have a giveaway for Chrono Bomb running until Sunday 28th August, you can find my Chrono Bomb giveaway here...

We were sent our Chrono Bomb Game for review. 


  1. Looks like a fab game -lots of perseverance x

    1. It's loads of fun Margaret - not too frustrating thankfully :D

  2. Replies
    1. It really is - but very active. The boys can play it for hours, I'm done in after 2 turns :D


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