Friday 9 December 2016

dealspotr Deals Website Review

I've been asked to take a look at dealspotr, a website relatively new to the UK which aims to bring you the most up-to-date deals, offers and voucher codes, to save you money on just about anything.

Money is tight, so I save it whenever I can, and I hate it when I've lost a coupon or can't remember where I saw an offer. I'm a big fan of vouchers and voucher websites, but I do hate it when all you can find are expired deals.

dealspotr is full of publicly viewable user-generated content. Each submission made by site members can be validated by other members and commented on, even including photographic evidence, so you know whether or not it is live and actually works.

Site members are given points as incentive to post offers, update and validate entries, and refer friends. Those points can be converted to cash and collected in Amazon Vouchers or PayPal. This makes it incredibly reliable and up-to-date, in essence there are an unlimited team of website authors searching the internet and spotting deals constantly, and plenty of people happy to tell you if a code doesn't work!

Looking at the dealspotr website, the first thing I like is that the deals can be seen without logging in, anyone can use them. This is great for me because I always forget passwords. You have to be a member to earn points though, and signing up is fairly standard and easy, it takes only 5 minutes. You get given a list of tasks to earn your first points and learn the website a little. Then all you have to do is spot the deals and post about them.

The search function on dealspotr is essential, and it works well, finding exactly what you post into the search terms very quickly. The site is worldwide, so for UK deals it helps to use 'UK' as part of your search term. I would like to see a method of searching via location, I think it would be very helpful as Target and Wallmart are no use to me, so it benefits no-one for me to see them. Just because it's worldwide don't think that it doesn't have UK discounts, deals and coupons, it does.

I honestly don't have a lot of time nowadays to browse the internet - I wish I did! A few years ago though, I'd spend hours searching for deals and if I'd had a website like dealspotr to post my findings I could have not only saved, but also earned. If you've got 5 minutes to take a screenshot and add the details, you actually can't lose.

Nowadays, I'm more likely to be the one using deals website and thanking other people for saving me that time. Companies want you to buy their products, which is why they encourage you with deals, so sharing those benefits them. dealspotr can only be a good thing all round.

If you want to take a look and find out what deals and discounts you can get, here's my own personal link (well, would you expect anything else?) to the dealspotr website...

I was made a Gold member in return for this post. Truly.


  1. This looks really interesting x

    1. It's certainly worth taking a look and doing a search before you make any bigger investments - there are loads of vouchers and deals, and the shops rarely seem to make them all very public!


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