Saturday 10 December 2016

RC X Bladez Quad Blaster with Missile Launcher (8+) Review

Bladez make all kinds of R/C toys, including the R/C X-Bladez Quad Blaster with Missile Launcher. Either encased in it's removable 23 cm3 cage, or with the blade guards on, this is a very manoeuvrable little drone which will also climb up walls or travel along the floor, and with the bonus of missiles for target practise, it adds another dimension to R/C flying toys.

The packaging is fairly user-friendly, mainly card and a tape with some awkward cable ties to remove the actual Quad Blaster from the small protective plastic moulding. For play you'll also need 4 x AA batteries (not included) for the controller, and the Quad Blaster is powered via USB.

The accessories include the 4 blade guards, 4 spare blades and other spares, screwdriver, 10 missiles and the USB Charger, as well as the instruction manual. The manual is easy to understand, although when you first look, it seems quite daunting. Safety instructions should always be read though.

If you choose to remove the cage then you must fit the blade guards. Without the guards you would smash your drone in seconds and tangle the blades in everything. They're a little fiddly, but they just clip in.

The RC X-Blaster Quad Blaster is impressively strong and very powerful. The plastic guards and cage are a soft bendy plastic, and in spite of it's very fragile looking frame, it will bounce a little.

For amateurs or more daring moves you should protect your drone using the cage. The cage is screwed into place using many tiny screws, so removing and replacing it is a 10 minute job, but not something you'd do often.

Charging the Quad Blaster via USB takes around 40 minutes and you should avoid over-charging, (although there is a safety feature to prevent it happening). Lights on the X-Blades Quad Blaster let you know when it's fully charged and ready to go. Plugging in the USB is very fiddly and small scale.

Each charge lasts around 6 minutes, enough to have a good play, and the Quad Blaster seems to hold some charge for a week at least. The controller range is 30m, although you need to be in sight of your drone or you'll lose control anyway.

The controller works on 2.4gh, and has 4 channel flight - Up/Down, Left/Right, Bank Left/Bank Right, Forwards/Backwards plus fine tuning. This is incredibly high level of control (if you can master it), and the Quad Blaster is capable of 360° flips in 4 directions. It also has 'Fire' and 'Fire All' buttons for the missiles.

Installing the missiles is a simple 'push until it clicks', and they don't hurt when they hit flesh. They're matchstick sized and the light on the X-Bladez Quad Blaster means that they glow as they fire - it's a nice touch.

Here's a quick look at the RC X Bladez Quad Blaster with Missile Launcher in action...

You can find out more about all of Bladez Toys, including the fantastic R/C range including Star Wars with R2-D2 and BB-8, on the Bladez Toys website.

This is a big kid toy, so comes with the usual sensible WARNINGS:
The R/C X Bladez Quad Blaster may not actually cut you if it hits, but it's strong enough to really twist into your hair and pull a clump out, so should only be used by children aged 8+ and with adult supervision.

Keep a minimum distance of 10 metres away from this product. Do not operate outside of flying range. Operation is strictly forbidden near high voltage poles, railway tracks, roads and swimming pools. Always operate with direct visual contact. Only operate under good visibility and in dry, calm weather conditions.

We were sent our Bladez Quad Blaster with Missile launcher for review.

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