Friday 16 December 2016

Wise Words From.... Mum And Dad Personalised Book Review

You may feel you have a whole book full of clever things to say to your children, or you might be completely lost for words. Either way with the Wise Words From Mum And Dad book from The Book Of Everyone, you can create something that makes you sound intelligent and witty in abundance...and you don't even have to be 'Mum And Dad', these wise words will be gladly accepted from anyone...

There are a few basic choices at first - cover and style, personalising names and dedications, and then you are given a complete book template. You can choose to go with that, or you can spend however long you want personalising it. Most pages can be swapped or edited to your liking.

All of the books on The Book Of Everyone website are made in the same way, so this has 50 thick pages in a similar design to The Book Of Dad and The Book Of Everyone, which we have previously reviewed.

I was really impressed with the quality of the 'wise words' actually. I found there was usually a pre-filled option I liked, and a lot of them made me laugh or smile that wry knowing smile...

It would be possible to create a book full of  purely 'inspirational quotes' if that was what you wanted, but likewise, it's also possible to create a really funny book full of 'Dad jokes'. I'm really impressed, and the entire book only took me around 15 minutes to make, and the quality is every bit as good as I'd expect based on my previous reviews.

Early orders for this brand new book get free stickers too! (While stocks last).

Wise Words From.... (whoever, we chose Mum And Dad), as well as The Book Of Everyone - with Christmas Edition, Milestone Edition and Mum, Dad and Romantic Editions, are available now. All book editions come with a free Digital Edition, which you can download and share with your friends and family, and there is also a Digital Only Edition at a reduced price.

Find out more and place orders from The Book Of Everyone website. Each 50 page book is priced £7.50 digital, £19.50 paperback, £29.50 hardback and there is a special deluxe edition for £49.50.

We were sent our Wise Words From Mum And Dad Personalised book for review.

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