Monday 19 December 2016

Spy Net Touch Video Watch and Eyeclops TV Microscope reviewed

We have been selected to be part of  the Jakks Toys Spy Net Blogging Panel and our first mission is to try out their brand new Spy Net gadgets! We've been sent The Spy Net Touch Video Watch and the Spy Net Eyeclops to review.

Spy Net Touch Video Watch

The Spy Net Touch Video Watch appears to be a normal watch, but it has a hidden camera and microphone that will secretly capture up to 20 minutes of video, 2,000 photos and three hours of audio.

The full colour touch screen allows for easy playback of videos and photos, whilst also functioning as a normal watch to keep enemies fooled. Charge the watch and download all photos, videos and audio files via the USB cable included, just like a real spy...

Packaging is mainly fastened with cable ties and includes the rechargeable Lithium battery sealed inside the watch and 4 x AAA throwaway (recycle) demonstration batteries. Charging is via USB and takes about 2 hours, so hopefully no-one will be left frustrated on Christmas Day. The tiny USB dongle prevents wearing during charging (prohibited) and works exceptionally well with my laptop.

The picture and audio quality is great (see above and video). The photos and videos aren't fabulous quality, but they beat anything a camera phone could achieve 6 years ago.It's so easy to use the touch screen that any child will be able to master it in moments.

Download to PC using the supplied dongle to avoid software conflicts, and I found my media was all 'hidden' at first, so I had to tick the 'show hidden' items box to show it, but otherwise it is incredibly simple to use and when talking to your computer acts just as any USB memory stick.

This is OLD software and struggles with compatibility with Windows 10, however I didn't realise this because I downloaded and then opened with Movie Maker (free with Windoiws 10) - where it works fine. I suggest you do the same if you have any problems, or seek out a pre-Windows 10 computer (remembering it will no longer be software supported and if connected to the internet is open to virus and hacking).

Spy Net Eyeclops TV Microscope

Spy Net Eyeclops is for close-up work examining evidence and hunting for clues. Connect the gadget to your TV and hold the Eyeclops with it's I.R.I.S. lens over your object, to magnify up to 200 times the original size.

Also included are a lidded specimen tray and screw on lidded vial, to maintain chain of evidence correctly...or hold on to your specimens. Remember live creatures do not enjoy bright light nor lack of oxygen.

Christmas Day morning you'll need a pair of scissors to extricate it from the cable tie packaging and a Phillips screwdriver for the 5 x AA batteries (not included).  The set comes with an RCA connector which plugs straight into the 'video' socket at the back of the TV. It only takes 30 seconds to set it up.

The wire is really long and so although you are tethered, you still have plenty of range to get into position and comfortable for your investigations or exploration. It works incredibly well.

We were really impressed. This is a great learning tool and what you can see with it is as good as any low magnification microscope, but it's 2ft across, so it's much easier for younger children to see and appreciate.

Below we have the print on a printed T-shirt, a computer Microchip Transformer and skin!

These are great Scientific and Spy toys, here's our short video review to see them in action...

The Spy Net Touch Watch 8+ (RRP: £49.99) and the Spy Net Eyeclops 6+(RRP: £49.99) are made by Jakks Pacific Toys and are available to buy now. Excellent value for some amazing technology.

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