Friday 29 September 2017

Retro Top Trumps - Which Packs Would You Bring Back?

Top Trumps have been popular here for as long as I can remember. My young boys still play with some of their older sibling's sets, and they have a few of their own too. I picked up brand new Despicable Me 3 and Marvel Avengers Assemble packs at BlogOn last weekend, but it was the Retro Packs which really caught my eye!

If you haven't ever played Top Trumps, you've missed out. An incredibly simple game which anyone aged around 4-5 or older can play, straight out of the box, it really is as simple as comparing cards and saying who's is best!

Each Top Trump deck has 30 different cards with a theme. The cards are dealt to each player face down, and then players take turns to lead the round. Whoever leads takes a look at their card and reads out a statistic, all other players read the same statistic. Whoever scores highest wins that round and takes all the cards - it couldn't be simpler!

The people behind Top Trumps obviously understand that children may be excited to discover a new game, but parents are just as keen and nostalgic about their stat-filled cards. They have re-released 6 Retro Top Trumps packs - Crazy Cars, Exotic Sports Cars, Fantasy, Horror 1, Horror 2 and Today's Strikers. They're exactly as they were originally and they are amazing...

Peter Cushing, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee - they're all there amidst the 2 different Retro Horror packs. This is classic stuff and the horror movie buff in me is beside myself with joy.
The Fantasy pack has been the talk of our household since it arrived - my teenagers are stunned. These really are a product of their time - not since the 70's did women get such a poor show! And what the heck? A witch with less magic than a ninja?

That Queen and The Witch show just how much less respect women were given than men, despite the fact we'd had a female monarch ourselves for 20 years when they were first released...tsk...

Top Trumps are an excellent way to encourage literacy and numeracy skills in younger children - and demonstrate to your older ones about real-life history! My children learnt to read and understand numbers up to 100 by playing Top Trumps with their brothers and sister. This is a great multi-generational game, and a perfect way to show losing a round doesn't mean giving up on the game,

Top Trumps Cards STILL only cost £4.99 a pack - bargain. They are available from a multitude of stockists nationwide, but if you want to check out the entire range and get that 'impossible to find' set you've always hankered after, check out the official Top Trumps store online...

We were given our Top Trumps for review


  1. We love top trumps and these look brilliant. I can't believe i missed out on these as a child x

    1. I'm devastated for you. It's not all bad though, you didn't have to learn the spec on every car ever made in the 80's like I did with my little brother :D

  2. In my vintage pack that I had since I was a boy the Demon and King have their stats switched; the Demon is 100 everthing.

    1. Wow really? That's insane! I wonder why they did it? To satisfy the moral majority I imagine :)


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