Wednesday 27 September 2017

Star Wars Bladebuilders Path Of The Force Lightsaber (4+) Review for Hasbro

The Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber is so much more than a light up stick you wave around. It knows whether you have chosen the light or dark side and has motion sensors and awesome sound effects. There's even a Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app so that you can make your own videos...

Packaging is almost entirely recyclable card and it's super easy to open (great for Christmas morning). The Lightsaber needs 3 x AAA batteries, but does come with demo batteries and we haven't had to change them yet, so if it hasn't been played with a lot in store, you may be lucky.

There are 3 parts - the Lightsaber itself and two different handles - one Jedi, one Sith. Both handles have moving parts with retractable 'blades'. They're easy to use at the press of a button and not at all sharp or dangerous.

The fixing is of course standard Bladebuilder 'twist and click' - easy for anyone and it doesn't come apart accidentally.

It makes for a very impressive Lightsaber whichever side you choose to follow....


The clever bit is inside. When you have no handle attached, the button on the Lightsaber will switch it on and then alternate the colour - with handles it's set to blue or red - Jedi or Sith. Swing or strike with the Lightsaber and it'll 'swoosh' or otherwise react noisily. The sound effects are exactly as you'd hope - just like the real thing.

It'll be a bit big for a 4 year old, but it's ungainly rather than heavy. My son is almost 9 and it still looks quite large in his hands!

The Lightsaber can also be connected to any other Hasbro Bladebuilders Lightsaber pieces. We previously reviewed the Bladebuilders Spin Action Lightsaber - and you can make something really impressive and frankly very over-the-top once you start adding elements together.

Here's a quick look at the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path Of The Force Lightsaber in action...

The Star Wars Bladebuilders Path Of The Force Lightsaber is made by Hasbro. Suitable for age 4+ and available now rrp £49.99 - currently on offer on Amazon and elsewhere. 

For extended fun you can also download the free Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app from Google Play or the Apple Store to make videos with your toys and objects around your home. Here are a bunch of familiar looking folk landing on a pizza box in this still from our video...

We were sent our Star Wars Bladebuilders Path Of The Force Lightsaber by Hasbro for review.

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