Friday 3 November 2017

Chicago Town's The Pizza Kitchen review. Fresh Deli Crust with plenty on top!

Chicago Town have added 4 new pizzas to their range with The Pizza Kitchen. These deli-style pizzas have thick toppings on a unique, freshly-baked deli-crisp crust. They asked if we wanted to take part in their promotion. I didn't even have to put it to a family vote.

My family love pizza and Chicago Town are a regular choice here. I know everyone will fill their bellies and I will receive no complaints! It's the one guaranteed all-round crowd-pleaser, plus cooking and washing up are a breeze. Pizza night is an even bigger treat for me than it is for everyone else...

Chicago Town's new The Pizza Kitchen range has 4 varieties with tasty deli style toppings - Cheese Medley, Deli Pepperoni, Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables. We have one vegetarian, one who will only eat pepperoni and one ravenous carnivore, so the choice suits us well.

Frozen pizza is of course an excellent choice for busy Mums and I am always busy! It's perfect for those days when you have 15 things to do between school pick up and bedtime and the minutes just run through your fingers. There's no time to cook or shop and you need your children to eat at a decent hour. This was our first taste test.

I was of course interested to see if The Pizza Kitchen lived up to it's promises - does it really have unique, freshly baked deli crisp crust and generous deli-style toppings? I think in this case the pictures speak louder than words...

The toppings are really generous, much more than you'd usually expect from a £3 frozen pizza and I was impressed before I started cooking. We might have liked the toppings, but the crust was what really got everyone talking here.

Chicago Town are rightly proud of The Pizza Kitchen's unique crust. This is a genuine fresh baked thick crust, not just warmed up like most frozen pizzas, with a crispy shell and an amazing tiger bread taste.

No longer will a 'pizza base' be just a pizza base. My family's entire view of pizza has changed and for the first time ever all of the plates were completely cleaned - including my 7 year old's, who has always refused the crusts unless they are stuffed!

I cooked the bulk of our pizzas for a games night with some of our young people. Even teenagers couldn't find anything to complain about...

Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen range is available from ASDA, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado rrp £3 each. There's no question that they are excellent value for money and really won't disappoint any hungry pizza-lover. You can find out more about the range on the Chicago Town website.

I was paid for the time taken to write and share this post - and to get some juice and snacks to make an evening of it. And cake. You have to have cake.

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