Thursday 23 November 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Mega 1-Step Changer Dragonstorm Review

The Transformers 1-Step Changers are designed to be the most easily transformed ever, with one smooth action taking you swiftly from robot to vehicle or creature. The Last Night Mega 1-Step Dragonstorm is one of the biggest models and he's definitely an impressive beast.

Transformers: The Last Knight Mega 1-Step Changer Dragonstorm Review

Packaging is mainly card and as long as you have scissors, opening is very swift. Demonstration batteries are included, so they may not be fully charged, but usually last very well. Christmas morning friendly. Replacement batteries are 2 x AAA

Your Dragonstorm arrives in 4 parts, but needs no actual assembly. The main body of the figure has 2 detachable wings and the dragon tail, which also serves as weapon for the robot.

The wings are gorgeous and work well. All of the detail on this model is outstanding. The textures of his clothes and the sense of movement around his joints is really excellent.

Even the scythe weapon which doubles as the dragon tail is really quite intricate and detailed.

The dragon has 2 light up heads and in the centre a larger 3rd head with an opening light up mouth. He's little less scary than the original...

I can't fault the transforming. It really does exactly as it promises. You can tidy it up a bit by turning arms around, but it really does go from Dragon to Robot and back again in one relatively smooth move.

When your Transformer is correctly transformed, there's a subtle click into place. Then squeeze the trigger to activate Cyberfire and the 3 dragon heads all light up as do the robot's eyes and his wings flap. As a dragon he has a button on his back to press to make roaring sounds.

As the robot you press the button on his chest to activate speech. Dragonstorm has a repertoire of around 20 sounds and phrases.

Here's a quick look at Dragonstorm in action, including a demonstration of how quickly he transforms.

The Transformers Mega Changer Dragonstorm is an excellent toy and he's very impressive, incredibly well designed and nicely executed. The detail is awesome and the 1-step transforming movement very effective.

That said, he's a big toy and he's not inexpensive. If you are browsing on spec, this maybe isn't for you, but if this is what your child wants and they spend time playing small worlds and love Transformers, they absolutely will not be disappointed.

Hasbro's Transformers 'The Last Knight' Mega 1-Step Changers are available to buy now from all good toy stores instore and online, including Toys R Us. Dragonstorm rrp £79.99. Find out more and keep up to date, as well as watch movies and play games, on the HASBRO Transformers website.

Transformers: The Last Knight Mega 1-Step Changer Dragonstorm also works with the 1-Step Turbo Changer Figures. We reviewed Barricade and Optimus Prime earlier this year. Can we find them right now? No, of course we can't...

We were sent our Transformer Mega 1-Step Changer Dragonstorm for review.

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