Saturday 11 November 2017

Xootz Retro Racer Go Kart Review for Halfords

If you've been to your local Halfords or looked at their website recently, you may have noticed they have a dedicated Kids Zone. The Halfords Kids Zone is where you'll find everything for the younger members of your family, from car seats and safety equipment to bikes and scooters. They currently have a sale, with selected ride ons and scooters discounted up to half price off, and we have been sent the Xootz Retro Racer Go Kart to review - in classic British Racing Green.

For my 7 year old this really couldn't have come at a better time, as he's recently discovered Go Karts and I think his face really says it all. There's love in those eyes...

Our Go Kart arrived in a huge sturdy box and bagged in plastic inside. There are 11 pieces, including the 4 clip on hubcaps, plus 4 screws and one big nut.

You'll need a phillips screwdriver and only around 10 minutes to assemble the Go Kart. It really was incredibly easy and the instructions were very clear.

You also have to insert the steering column. This is really very easy - it hooks at one end and fastens in the other with a big nut in the middle of the steering wheel. You can also see the brake here - it's a bit spiky and has caught on my son's leg, although he loves it because he can get speed up in our hall then slam the brakes on!

Already in place are your pedals and seat and you can see the indentation where seat back attaches.

The decoration is already applied using stickers and I'm a smidgen disappointed because ours were a bit creased. I can see it in the photo, although you'd never notice if you didn't look closely. The paintwork is perfect, you'd be happy with that job on your car.

The front grill is gorgeous and really impressed my son. It looks chromed, although it's actually plastic. The main body of the vehicle is metal, with a metal drive shaft and axles and plastic fittings. The Retro Racer isn't going to suffer from being left out in the rain or a bit of muddy play.

Steering is very smooth although you can't take a very tight corner. The big chunky wheels are surprisingly good on a wooden floor, but the real test is outdoors in our mud pit well-used garden. This is my son's favourite place and he'd live outside if he could, an outdoor-friendly toy suits him whatever the weather.

It's not so easy to drive on muddy ground, but okay on grass, so my son (as hoped) was slow enough for photos on this peaty bit of Manchester bogland. Grabbing the handle on the seat back and pushing him to drier ground was ridiculously light and easy.

He was a lot faster on the tarmac. Clearly his Retro Racer is everything he hoped it would be....

The Xootz Retro Racer is suitable for children aged around 3-6 and up to 30kg. My small 7 year old is 27kg and heading towards the top of the height range for this Go Kart - but it'll keep him busy until next Summer.

You can find loads of great ride ons, scooters and even electric vehicles, as well as equipment for children when using most wheeled vehicles in the Halfords Kids Zone. There is a sale at the moment and along with a lot of the other ride on toys, our Xootz Retro Racer Go Kart (rrp £100) is currently half price at a bargain £50.

We were sent our Xootz Retro Racer for review. 


  1. This looks fabulous - what lucky boy!! He looks thrilled with it although I'm sure anyone young enough to ride it would be!

    1. It is gorgeous. Our 9 year old Is quite jealous although he's been really good and laughed loads all afternoon chasing his brother about on it :D


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