Monday 7 May 2018

BlogOn X - Cake, Wine, Prince Charming and Ant Farms...

Huge high five all round to everyone who came, smiled, laughed and generally had a great time. I think BlogOnX was my favourite one yet, although I didn't get to a single session, missed afternoon break and could sleep for a week. I did make babies giggle, hug people I admire, laugh with many friends and meet loads of the names I have previously only spoken to online. It was a good do.

I took part in the pre-event 'introduce yourself' linky, and although I'm shattered just now, it's been a pleasure to join in with the post-event linky. Please add your posts, it's awesome to see what everyone else thought, especially what you enjoyed and what you took with you.

To kick off, the #PaladoneParty in Heaven - and it lived up to it I thought! Cocktails, games, prizes and excellent company. Cheers to the folk from Paladone for laying it on - and thanks for the win of the infinity light - my lads love it!  It was amazing up there watching day turn to night over Manchester...

Next morning Sim and I were up and back bright and early to get the sign-in desk ready before we started. We completely failed to give the first few people bags, but it only got better from then on thankfully!

We stayed on the desk until 10.30am because we had messages on social media that people were running late, so I missed the keynote unfortunately. I actually missed all of the sessions for the first time ever, because there was always something else to do. It was good to feel useful, so if I helped you, it's only a good thing. I'm lucky enough to have seen a lot of these genuine experts in their fields talk before (and I'm counting on picking up some of the best tips from reading all of the other attendees posts)...

The brands were a really eclectic bunch! It was great. Carousel brought a huge variety of mainly pink stuff, and next door were WirePR with My Fairy Garden and My Living World (thanks for the Ant Farm), Snowpake with their very clever stationery and VitaMyne with a gift of my blog logo in vitamin enriched fruit 'sweets'.

Along that row were a few PR's who I've worked with for several years on all kinds of projects. Meeting someone in real life always adds a new dimension to your relationship. It's one of the aspects that used to scare me the most and is now a real highlight. 

The new SLUSH PUPPiE pouches are excellent - I think they'll do really well over Summer and they were very welcome in the heat yesterday. The other thing that really caught my eye were the National Geographic activity sets, I love them - especially the crystal growing kit...

I am a big fan of Hotter shoes, I was wearing some at BlogOn, so I'm really happy to have won a new pair for this Summer in their Prince Charming photocomp. Vionic were also there, with their shoes ideal for people who need a little extra support.

Varta sponsored the delicious (as always) cake and tempted us all with their power banks, and if you didn't pick up any of the Spicentice sachets I think you may be missing a treat. I tried to win Gary a scratching post from Rosewood Pet Products, fingers still crossed on that one, and I did arrange a review with Sunsense and tell everyone how amazing the QV cream is for sore hands that have spent 2 days crushing boxes and bag-packing.

One of the brands I was happiest to see at the event was Joby. I have had my Gorrilapod for about 12 years now and still use it. They make gadgets ideal for amateur smartphone photographers like me and supplied everyone with a very clever smartphone grip/stand in the goody bags. I was proudest to have the Co-Op join us. They provided everyone with Prosecco, Yorkshire cheese, and Fairtrade wine, chocolate and flowers. They didn't need to, their ethics already won me over, but I'm more than happy to accept.

The goody bags as everyone left really were the best ever I reckon. We had some amazing items in there and my family have attempted to test everything this morning - except for the DC Thompson magazines, which my boys read before bed last night!

Even though I picked some of my bags up early when I was packing them, I still save them as a treat for the family when I get home...

I now have a handful of extra reviews to do, and my children (who arrived at the end to collect me and annoy us while we helped clear up) have to meet their commitments. The ant farm is half stocked already, the Floof is my own new favourite tactile toy and the Simbrix video that my youngest personally promised Assim...he's all over it...

I hope your experience of BlogOn was as good as mine, and if it wasn't then we need to work out how to make that better next time. See you in September...

Keep up to date with the next event on the BlogOn Conference website, which will be in September, with the usual Christmassy feel, and will be #BlogOnToys It'll see the return of the BlogOn Toy Awards, the community fund raffle and tombola, and I dare say there may be a goody bag or two... We can't promise that weather again though!

Thanks to the rest of the team, especially Laura our boss, who runs the show, makes every decision and carries all responsibility - nice work guys. There's a post-conference linky on the website, so you can read everyone else's posts and add your own, and probably discover you called someone by the wrong name half the day!

Thanks to all the bloggers, speakers and the brands who attend - it would be nothing without you. 


  1. I seemed to miss so many of the brands. Not sure how. It was such a great day and so good to see you xx

    1. Even I missed brands and I genuinely can't begin to imagine how I managed it! :D All the best ones seem to come back though :)
      It was, as always, fantastic to see you in person xx

  2. It seriously was such an awesome event - was chuffed it was nice and chilled. The weather really did help though. The atmosphere was fab and the brands were amazing - thanks for being my BlogOn Bud xx Sim

    1. Awww you. We make a great team all together, but I reckon we make a pretty smart meet and greet team. Certainly we grin enough I think :D


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