Wednesday 16 May 2018

Pinch 'n' Pass Family Board Game Review for Ginger Fox Games (Age 12+)

Pinch 'n' Pass is a family board game for 3-6 players aged 12+ and we've been sent a copy to review by Ginger Fox Games. Very fast-paced and loads of fun, this is one of those 'tip-of-your-tongue' games that really makes you laugh with frustration at your own inability to answer simple questions under pressure.

Packaged in a sturdy box, you can store it away safely between games. Inside you'll find the board with spinner, press out cardboard 'Head To Head' tokens, counters, 2 packs of (a whopping) 150 cards, game rules and the electronic buzzer/timer. Batteries are already fitted, so this is Christmas morning friendly.

The aim of the game is to travel the board from start to winner, but unlike other board games, you can also go the other way until you are out. On each turn the active player spins to find out which card they must pick, and how many moves it is worth - up OR down the board.

Whatever you spin, take the appropriate card and read it aloud. Once a card has been read out, other players have 5 seconds to decide if they wish to challenge the active player 1 on 1 in a 'Head-To'Head. You can play this token only once per game. The active player counts down the 5 seconds and if there is no challenge, they press the timer to start playing. We forget to do the head-to-head countdown nearly every round!

If it's a Pass Card the aim is to get rid of it. Say an answer and pass it to any other player. They need to say an answer to pass it on. Continue until the buzzer goes off and whoever is still holding the card takes the penalty.

Pinch cards will move you up the board, so the aim is to pinch them from the other players by giving a correct answer to the card. There are always many answers, but thinking of them under pressure is ridiculously hard. 

Gameplay is very simple and with this number of cards you will NEVER learn answers to all of them. No-one really gets an advantage, so new players won't necessarily lose, nor will younger players. Great for multi-generational play, and it's ideal as a team game too, so you can play with extra people as more of a party game.

Although Pinch 'n' Pass is recommended for age 12+, our 9 1/2 year old wanted to play and he won the first two games. I honestly think that if you skip any cards that someone playing doesn't understand (there are very few, but Julia Roberts movies or 'things associated with the 80's' would count in our case), this is suitable for a much younger player.

Most of the cards we've seen so far have answers that a 5 year old could join in with, and it is brilliant for expanding vocabulary and general knowledge. They may not be as quick as adult players until around age 8-10, but could still really enjoy a game, and even win.

We really like Pinch 'n' Pass. It's a real fun game that is quick to play at around 30 minutes or even quicker. The timer is just right and the subjects on the cards beautifully simple. The fact there are 300 cards in all means no game is ever going to be repeated and I doubt you'd ever get tired of playing. A big thumbs up from us.

Pinch 'n' Pass is distributed by Ginger Fox Games and available to buy now rrp £24.99 from independent games retailers online and instore, including Amazon (affiliate*).

We were sent our copy of Pinch 'n' Pass for review. The Amazon link is affiliate*, which means if you order through my link I make a few pence towards my website costs, but you don't pay any more.

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