Friday 11 May 2018

Pointless The Mini Game Review for University Games ( Age 12+)

We've all seen Pointless on the TV and thought that we could do better than the contestants. This travel sized mini game allows anyone to prove that you aren't quite as clever as you suspected whilst having a laugh and maybe learning a thing or two!

Inside the tiny 8cm x 15cm box is everything you need. A set of 60 double-sided Question Cards, the Question Card Holder, a pad of answer/score sheets and the rules. You will only need something to write with. The game is suitable for 2-5 players, but is brilliant for teams, so any number can play.

Gameplay is super-easy and if you know the show from TV, you'll understand how to play instantly. Each question was originally put to 100 people, and 5 possible answers listed. The number of people who gave each answer determines the scores for that question, so if 55 people gave Teresa May as an answer to "Name a UK Prime Minister", the score is 55.

The cards are stored in the Question Card Holder, which prevents you from seeing either the back or the bottom half of the card, which is where the results are printed. Play starts with the youngest and all players take part, even the designated reader, all writing down their answers and then saying them in turn. If someone already gave an answer and you have the same written down, you need to choose another option or pass for 100 points. If you think they are wrong, you are allowed to give your own answer.

The results are revealed once all players or teams of players have given an answer. There are 5 possible correct answers and each will have a different score.

Answers which are wrong score 100 points. The aim of the game is to get the lowest score possible each round, and the player with the lowest total after 6 rounds is the winner. You need to try to select the answers that were given by fewest of the 100 surveyed people. Some answers weren't given by anyone, they are pointless. If you find them then you're on a to a win.

Pointless The Mini Game can be played in about 10 minutes, but it often lasts a lot longer because you talk about the answers and it's amazing what you can get wrong. It's loads of fun and full of "Ooooooh" moments. So simple to play, but the age rating of 12+ is right because younger children simply don't have the general knowledge.

Perfect for travel because it's so tiny and playing the game requires very little space. There are no small parts to lose in the grass or sand, and the game requires little time commitment, although you can easily play for hours. Pointless The Mini Game is also an excellent team game and could get quite competitive, although I think it'll always be light-hearted.

Pointless The Mini Game is distributed by University Games and is available now rrp £10.99 from all good games stockists instore and online, including Amazon (affiliate link*). 

I was sent my copy of Pointless The Mini Game for review. *The Amazon link is an affiliate link. In return for me adding this link, if you buy anything after clicking on it, it won't cost you any more, but I will earn a few pennies towards my running costs. 

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