Thursday 9 July 2020

6 Reasons to Invest in a Used Car (guest post)

I'm keen on using things until their usefulness is done, and I always like saving money, so the following is a promotional guest post which supports my ethos and looks at some of the positives to buying a used car...

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When it comes to buying vehicles, everyone wants to make the right choice, although there are pros and cons of buying either a new or used car. However, if you want to purchase a vehicle that suits your budget and will have you saving some money too, then you should opt for a used vehicle. Take a look below, we’ve listed 6 of the very best reasons for buying a used car!

1. Lower price tag
If there’s anything stopping you from buying a used car, here’s the push that you need. You’ll end up saving money! All your money doesn’t have to be spent on a pricey new vehicle. You can get your desired car in a mint condition for your desired budget or even less. The money that you save from this purchase can be then spent on either your dream vacation, savings or for car maintenance, if required.

2. Option of driving a better car
One cannot deny that some of the older models of cars are still better than the new ones coming in the market. These priceless models may not be available in the market now, however in the used car market, they’re always there! Getting a chance to drive a better car in our desired budget? What else can we wish for!

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3. Lower sales tax
Sales tax on new cars can be a big added cost. Why bear it when you can easily avoid it with buying a used car in a good condition.

4. Cheaper registration fees
In some counties, new car’s registration fees can go up to thousands of pounds. The rate then decreases after three or five years of time. Save the trouble and opt for cars that are three or five years old to avoid escalated registration fees. 

5. Lower insurance cost
Insurance can be more affordable when buying a car of less value than purchasing a new car. The money that you save can then be spent on regular maintenance.

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6. Great for the future
If you’re someone who likes changing cars frequently, then used cars will suit your personality and can help you make some money too! Buying a used car can help you in capitalizing once you decide to sell your vehicle. Many motorists tend to buy used cars, drive it for some months and then sell it for much of what they paid. 

So, if you are convinced to look to buy a used car, then go to a reliable car dealer with good reviews, such as KAP Motors. They stock a huge range of luxury, eco-friendly and regular used cars. You can call them on 01273 748484 for any information on their used cars collection in Brighton

You can check Google to see what sort of independent reviews a seller has accumulated, and you can also get used cars independently assessed by the AA or another motoring expert or organisation before you commit.

(I originally met my partner because he rang me for advice on buying his Volkswagen Camper.... but that's a long, long time ago... )


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