Wednesday 29 July 2020

Herd Mentality Game Review Age 10+ (Sent by Big Potato)

We love Big Potato games - they're pick up and play, and perfect for our family. The latest game they've sent us to review is Herd Mentality, and it's a goodun. One of our new favourites and we've played it several times already....

Suitable for 4-20 players aged 10+, this is a game where being unique wins you a rubber cow... 

Herd Mentality Big Potato Games Box cover with flocked cow print design

This game is plastic-free except for 2 tiny stickers holding the box shut and the single pink rubber cow. Absolute stars - Earth and Christmas-morning friendly. Gorgeous flocked box too, it feels a lot nicer than a real cow! 

Herd Mentality Big Potato family game fluffy box

Inside the box is everything you need except pencils. It's more eco-friendly if you supply your own mark-making materials. You need to assemble the paddock for your cow, which is a fun construction activity lasting about 3 minutes before first play. 

Herd Mentality Big Potato Game review box contents

There are also press out tokens, 2 mini notepads of answer sheets and the pink cow, plus 2 stacks of question cards. I assumed they'd last for ageeees, but we've already worked our way through most of the first stack. (Obviously you can re-use the cards, it's pretty hard to remember everyone's answers, especially as they might not be the same twice anyway.) 

Herd Immunity Big Potato question card examples

In common with other games from Big Potato, this is pick up and play. You don't need to understand any complicated rules, and a game is under 30 minutes, so you can dip in and out - perfect for larger gatherings and parties. 

Big Potato Herd Immunity family party game question cars

The aim of the game is to fit in with the herd. Everyone writes down their answers secretly, and then compares. If you have the same answer as the majority, you win a Cow Token. 8 Cow Tokens and you're the winner - unless you are holding the Pink Cow. 

Herd Mentality rubber cow and playing tokens

If you are the only one who isn't part of the herd, you get to hold the Pink Cow. This can be because everyone else gave the same answer, or because you were the only person with your answer. If everyone gives different answers, no-one gets the cow. You hold it until someone 'wins' it from you, and you cannot be declared the winner of the game until that happens, however many Cow Tokens you are holding. 

Herd Mentality by Big Potato Games example results no clear loser
This is a brilliant game. It's really quick-fire, with questions everyone answers at once, so no-one has chance to lose concentration. There are some fantastic questions and the answers are often hilarious. Funniest was whenever 2 of us had exactly the same bizarre response written down... 

Herd Immunity game review writing down answers

Definitely one of our favourite games, a really great addition to the Big Potato range, and a fantastic warm up for any group of 4 or more. We are still under some restrictions in the UK, so we played as a 4 with our household, but this will be a really great party game for any group of young people aged 10+. Our youngest player is 10 and had no problems joining in and winning tokens, but wasn't quick enough to think with as much strategy as older players, so age is a little advantage in that respect. 

Herd Mentality is available to buy now at a very decent price of £20. An excellent addition to the games cupboard. Big Potato currently offer free 24 hour UK delivery on orders over £30 on their own Big Potato Games website

We've reviewed loads of games for Big Potato, you can find them all by searching in the box on the right (desktop view), or clicking here - Big Potato Games Family Reviews. 

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