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Trolls World Tour Movie Dance Party Edition (PG) Review and 3 x DVD Giveaway

Trolls Word Tour is available 27th July on Blu-ray and DVD and to celebrate a month of positivity, check out the Trolls UK Facebook page. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment sent us a screening link to take a sneak preview, and have also offered 3 of my readers a copy for themselves on DVD... 

Trolls World Tour DVD giveaway UK Sent by Universal Pictures

The images below are Trolls World Tour activity sheets you can save and print off in A4. 

I wouldn't have put Trolls World Tour anywhere near the top of my watch list, but reviews were really good. The Dance Party Edition is 2 movies for the price of 1, as it includes an interactive dance party mode. This really is a party movie, launching into the first song almost instantly, and just like the name of those 80's/90's multi-band tours, the rock never stops... 

Trolls spot the difference Barb activity sheet 1

The cast list is really impressive - Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, George Clinton, Rachel Bloom, James Corden, Ozzy Osbourne, Sam Rockwell and more. They all belt through an amazing plethora of familiar tunes, of various (mainly pop) genres, moving from song to song pretty seamlessly. It's impressive, nostalgic and definitely singalong. 

The story focusses on two of the trolls, Queen Poppy and Branch, who discover that their kingdom is not alone, it's 1 of 6 musical realms - Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop, and Rock - which used to work together. The ruler of the Rocker Trolls decides to shut everyone else up so that she can be world leader. 

Trolls dot to dot tiny diamond's hair activity sheet 2

Poppy and Branch have to save the day, and no surprises that it does include an epic quest through all of the different musical worlds, along with Biggie, who doesn't feel so brave as the others. Battle of the bands ensues, and I'll not give away the ending. 

Although it's a fairly standard story framework, it really is very well done, funny and very tongue-in-cheek at points. I can see why the reviews are so positive. 90 minutes which flew past, and plenty of musical memories - even the worst of pop pap can make you grin 20 years later,,,

There are loads of bonus features on the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, so everyone can join in and have a bit of a party:
 - Dance Party Mode - With sing-along and dance elements, interactive pop ups and more.
 - Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School - An exclusive original short film
 - Trolls Dance Academy - Compilation of How-To-Dance pieces from Dance Party Mode
 - Trolls World Tourist Map - Cloud Guy provides a quick "tourist guide's" view of the six realms that make up Trolls Kingdom.
 - Trolls Perfect Harmony - Interviews with the star-studded cast (Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Anderson Paak, George Clinton, Kunal Nayyar, James Corden) and the filmmakers.
 - Feature Commentary.
Additionally on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & Digital:
 - Trolls World Tour Backstage 
 - Deleted Scenes - with intros.

Trolls squares musical notes game activity sheet 2

Trolls Word Tour is available now on Blu-ray and DVD from all of the usual stockists. Handy Amazon affiliate link below: 

Universal have offered 3 of my readers a copy of Trolls World Tour Movie (Dance Party Edition) on DVD as a giveaway prize. Entry to the giveaway is by Gleam form below, as it stores the answers and randomly selects a winner. After the giveaway admin ends, everything is deleted. If you are new to Gleam, there's a link to help alongside my other UK giveaways, on my giveaway page

The giveaway will end at midnight Sunday 23rd August 2020. No entry is mandatory, but each extra task completed earns extra entries into the random draw. Open to UK entrants only, full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the Gleam form. 

Trolls World Tour Movie (Dance Party Edition) 3 x DVD Giveaway (sent by Universal)

We were sent our screening link for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence if you buy through my link, as a thank you for adding it. You never pay any more. 


  1. My kids have been desperate to watch this! Wasn’t sure I could handle it 😂

  2. My daughter loved this! But I prefer the original.

  3. My daughter adores the first Trolls film this would be perfect for her.

  4. My favourite sort of music is rock. It always lifts me when I am down.

  5. Would love to win - great prize!

  6. Ooh... Thus would be fabulous, especially as you are drawing it at midnight on mine and my daughter's birthdays ☺️

  7. I love all kinds of music, but if I had to choose, it would be rock n roll land!

  8. My great granddaughter would love this

  9. I enjoy uplifting and relaxing electronic music like Daft Punk and Air.

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  11. Margaret Clarkson
    Pop Punk

  12. I dont mind any kind of music - love POP

  13. I love the rat pack and 60s music, but I have a very eclectic taste in music

  14. I love the 70s music, they were songs you can dance to and enjoy

  15. My favourite music genre is indie!

  16. I would love to visit Rock world,

  17. I love old school reggae (not dancehall, which I can't stand), soul, R&B, indie rock and 60s pop songs. I spent part of my childhood in Africa, where my father worked in foreign aid, so I also listen to quite a lot of music from African countries I lived in.

  18. we listen to a bit of everything

  19. I love a little bit of everything, from Meat Loaf, Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, to a little Carrie Underwood or Nickelback (mostly it's Rock, tbh, but Country is also a love of mine xx

  20. I have varied taste- Queen, classical, trance.

  21. Varied- Queen, classical, trance.


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