Wednesday 15 July 2020

#TBCSmiles 71 Months....

We're back again with this month's #TBCSmiles, and it's almost the Summer holidays. Obviously this means the rain has returned and it's about 15 degrees outside - you can't beat a British Summertime. 

This year is very different. Some children have returned to school, some are even back to clubs. Some of you haven't yet returned to work, and some of you will work from home forever more. Some of you have been able to enjoy days out and meeting up with your family, friends, shopping, meals, the pub. For a lot of people the last couple of weeks have been considerably more free than the few before. Some people haven't yet felt ready to leave the safety of their home, their safe space. 

#TBCSmiles 71 Months....

However you are feeling just now, it's okay. We've all taken a mental battering, and that's worldwide, not just the UK, or you. We all understand what it is to be scared of something we can't entirely understand. We all have to put our faith in people we'll never meet, and trust our loved one's safety into their hands. 

We haven't got rid of COVID yet, and we are going to have to live with it for a long time. We've reduced length of illness, time on ventilators and the number of people who will not survive. We've worldwide proof we can suppress it, trace it and stop it, and we will keep chipping away. We will beat this. All of us. As Banksy so clearly put it "I get lockdown.... but I get up again". 

Until then, we need to keep going, and that means looking after your own mental health as well as your physical. We all have our own opinions about what is safe, and we have to respect that they won't exactly match up with everyone else's. If you aren't comfortable without a mask, wear a mask. If you are happy to get your hair cut by another human being, go to the hairdresser. You might think it's fine for visitors to use your loo, or you might refuse to serve them as much as a glass of water. These are unprecedented times, and no-one really knows what level of risk they are taking because we don't know everything, and we can't see COVID. Make it your own decision, don't let pressure from outside decide for you. Say if you aren't comfortable. Look after your head. 

Lots of gorgeous smiles this month! Loads of kids and not enough grown ups - come on, you can do it. One day you'll be old, telling your Grandchildren or your neighbour, or the local schoolchildren tales of 'when we were in lockdown'. They'll learn of the perils of not washing your hands, sending away for yeast, and paying £4 for a toilet roll because you only had 3 sheets left. Take some photos and document this time, you'll appreciate it later... 

Anyone can join in with #TBCSmiles - just add the hashtag to your photo on Instagram, or post to the thread on Facebook. Spread some joy, smiles are contagious. 

Here are 9 of the biggest from the last month - my boys helped me choose this lot, but you can find them all by looking at the hashtag on Instagram - and there are thousands! 

TBC SMILES 71 months July Collage of 9 photos of  smiles

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We had our own smiles, although I've been rubbish at catching them on camera. My 11 year old took a surprise photo of me, we all played with loads of outdoor stuff for a review, and the boys got out the Guitar Hero for the first time in many years, so grown ups feature a lot this month for a change. 

P.S. If you are thinking of taking up skipping, it felt fine at the time, but I suffered a little next day.... 

TBC SMILES 71 months July 2020 Our smiles

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  1. Aww so many beautiful smiles, it never fails to make me smile too. x


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