Monday 7 December 2020

(Ad|Review) Christmas Gifts For Uni Students...

Uni Students might also want sensible gifts for their studies, but Christmas is about being frivolous, and I like to treat my 4 grown up uni student offspring to things that'll make them smile and maybe also have a practical side. I have previously been sent some of the following items for review - but I wouldn't also include them in this post if I didn't like them! 

Miss You Loads. 

Is anyone ever too old for a soft toy? Uni students this year especially have to cope by themselves far more than in the past. They haven't been able to nip home, and physical contact might be a bit lacking. 

Moonpig gift delivery review Sloth stock image

I recently did a review for Moonpig, and sent my 21 year old Uni student this Sloth which warms in the microwave for a very fair £10. Other creatures are available. It's the closest thing to a hug - and it really doesn't have to be pink or fluffy. 

Personalised gifts for uni students mug with photo of 'dad' looking like wild man of ancient Scotland

Moonpig also make personalised gifts, as do lots of other companies, and what could be better than a reminder of their adoring parents whenever they have a brew (or their mates / hamster / that time they took a selfie with Billie Eilish in the background). Choose your photo carefully for best effect... 

This is who I am. 

Through your teens and for the next few years you really are stamping your personality on the world, and it's the time for cheeky or protest messaging, displaying your opinions and letting everyone know the real you... 

Pits and perverts Peoples History Museum political t-shirt.

The People's History Museum have a fantastic collection of posters, badges, books, t-shirts and historical all sorts to celebrate democracy. The PHM shop is open for online orders, whatever tier you're in. 

Vegan Happy Clothing Review collage showing apron and hat on large 12 year old boy

Vegan and Happy? Vegan Happy have some really lovely clothes and accessories that are very well made and haven't harmed a single animal. We reviewed the Pompom Beanie and Happy Chef Apron, and they're gorgeous - and have been claimed by my on/off vegan/feral carnivore 12 year old. 


Ordinarily I'd always suggest party games are great for Uni students, and if they live in a shared house, they still might be. Big Potato Games are definitely one of the best companies around for fun, modern games which don't have complicated rules and anyone can join in. My personal favourite is the movie quiz Blockbuster, and 'Weird Things Humans search For' is another family favourite. 

Big Potato games selection for older kids teens and young people

If lightweight games aren't your young person's type of thing, then crank it up a notch with something more complex. We have reviewed for independent games retailers for about 8 years - starting with Esdevium Games' reviews, they went on to become Asmodee. There are some cracking games out there - and there's something to suit everyone. 

Uni student's gift guide collage of 6 independent games in boxes

If you want to give them a keepsake game to treasure, wooden games really are beautiful objects. There are always Chess, Backgammon or Draughts, but how about Arokah, or Hedgeways

Gift Guides Christmas 2020 arokah and hedgeways wooden games


I kid you not, I have now bought 2 of my grown up children a Haynes Build Your Own Model Engine Kit and they love it. Suitable for age 10+, completely captivating for anyone aged 22-49 apparently... Other models are available, I can't comment on their quality. Haynes models start around £35 on Amazon (affiliate link). 

Haynes V8 model engine out of box and complete stock photo

LEGO is timeless, although many adult fans do wander off and come back. It would be remiss of me not to mention it... Star Wars, Mindstorms, LEGO Ideas sets, Tractors, Supercars, Christmas Villages. Something for everyone... I haven't reviewed any LEGO for ages - time has not been on my side. 

The LEGO 12 Days OF Christmas by me :)


Young people of uni age are missing out if they don't learn how to cook. It's just following instructions and adding your own bit of pizazz, and you can start easy and quick, and progress to more tricky stuff at your own pace. 

Curry On Cooking curry gift sets

I taught all my kids to cook, and we've bought all of them foodie gifts, from recipe books and serving bowls to cocktail and cooking sets. Think about what they like to eat or drink and go with that. A nice set of herbs or spices can last most of the academic year. I like the value and variety of the Curry On Cooking sets, or for Chinese Asian foods, The Asian Cookshop has a little old-fashioned website, but don't let that put you off. For a variety of different flavours, Taste Gourmet Spice Company have some really nice looking gift sets which can work out very reasonably priced too. 


Sudocrem (or 'Soothing Cream' as it was originally known in Ireland) has a million uses from sunburn to chafing, wind burn to spots, and they have these cute personalised mini pots which still last you ages - with a choice of picture and your own name. No-one can pinch it! Excellent stockingfillers at £5.99, or go plain for around £2.65 each on Amazon (affiliate link). 

Sudocrem personalised pots

Cocktails - yes, it's true! Which young person wouldn't want to find cocktails in their stocking? We've reviewed these cocktails in a can from Niche and they're really impressive. Sorry kids, we drank them already (they had to be tested). 

Niche Cocktails in a can

A TOTUM card! At under a tenner or £24.99 for 3 year's membership, a TOTUM card offers uni students a form of accepted I.D. and they get discounts all over the place - including 10% off at the Co-op. If they haven't got a Co-op membership card then that's another £1 well spent too. It'll pay you back. 

If none of those items take your fancy, I did a gift guide for young people in 2017, and another gift guide for students way back in 2016... It seems like a lifetime ago, but it's not changed so much. 


  1. ooh so many great gift ideas. Love them and of course leg. I love the sloth as a warm hug xx

    1. She likes the Sloth too! I sent it over for her birthday, so I've not even seen it in 'person' yet :D

  2. Great Selection Jenny. My 18yo has turned into the most difficult creature to buy for ever!

    1. It seems great if they have an obvious 'hobby', but then you realise you don't know as much about their hobby as they do, so even that can be full of pitfalls. It really is 'the wilderness years' I think in terms of gifts. Hope you get her something she loves :)

  3. Thank you for this ordering some bits for my uni kid as I didn't have a clue what quirky stuff to get him x


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