Friday 11 December 2020

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Among the chief concerns businesses with a web presence have, is understanding why visitors to their website don’t hang around for long.

The problem may be the bounce rate of their website, from visitors leaving because of design issues or problems in usability. These factors can be placed at having a single page site, errors in the site's design or incorrect implementation of the information. Novice web developers tend to require time and periods of adjusting to the webpage in order to reach the desired bounce rate, whereas professionals such as this local Stockport website design company can have the situation in hand with a more expert approach.

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Freshen the Content

A factor to consider is that your content is seriously outdated and not providing the correct information.

Fresh updated information is what keeps your visitors coming back, By regularly refreshing your content and the information you provide, you are more likely to keep site visitors engaged with your site and providing solid bounce rate.

Content readability

Content readability plays a huge part in influencing user behavior.

Your headings, font sizes and subheadings all play a part in helping readability. Check out what your website looks like in different formats - on desktop and mobile. Separate large chunks of text with images or fresh paragraphs, and make sure you have the best writing style for the audience, and language that's not too technical or difficult to understand. 

A Friendly Website

One thing that will make your users leave is having a website that is not user friendly.

Maybe it’s too complicated to navigate and they don't understand due to its complex nature, which all too easily makes them hit the back button and go to the next provider. Maybe it's down to the website not being compatible with their device of choice. Responsive web design is the way to move forward to eliminate this factor.

By having a website that caters to their requirements with a high performance in easy navigation, you are certain to keep readers on your page much longer and avoid those complicated actions in guiding to a new piece of business.

Erase the Bad Seeds

There are many things that people won't tolerate in today's web marketplace.

Among the top bounce rate affecting factors is a slow loading page. Users don’t like to have to wait around for something that can be loaded in a second somewhere else. This should be avoided by not loading your website with heavy content - like time consuming visual or audio material. Pop ups are another major factor in visitor switch off, with annoying ads and links from third parties that redirect them from where they are trying to get to; mainly your business.

High bounce rate leads to less customers. In order to combat this you should consider consulting with digital agencies on how your website can be the very best, by eliminating the worst offenders.

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