Thursday 10 December 2020

Nerf BUNKR Battle Zone System Review (age 8+) Sent by Trends UK for review.

 Anyone who has read the blog for a while knows we are huge fans of Nerf, and they've teamed up with Trends to bring us the BUNKR Battle Zone System - a selection of inflatables to bring a whole new dimension to Nerf play.  We've been sent the Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack and (plus a new Nerf Ultra 2 Motorised Blaster) to take a look at...

Nerf BUNKR Battle Zone System Review (age 8+) box front

Inside the box are 4 inflatable urban themed obstacles, 4 vinyl repair patches, a set of Nerf BUNKR Cards. I blew one of the inflatables up using my breath, and it wasn't any worse than a small kids paddling pool. It's got a great 3 way valve so that the air doesn't come out unless you want it to - but we did get the airbed pump out for the other 3. 

Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack contents on table

The inflatables are excellent quality, I can't fault them. They have several different valves and plugholes for easily attachment of suitable pumps, and very rapid deflation once you're finished. Seams are well welded and the designs are great. Also - they're massive! Each is 48cm / 19" tall. 

Nerf BUNKR excellent quality seals valves details welds

At the bottom of each of the obstacles is a separate reservoir to fill with water, to add stability, especially for outdoor play. Again, it's well thought out, with a mesh to stop all kinds of anything going in to the hole. 

The obstacles are designed to look like 'everyday' Nerf battle obstacles - Road Barrier, Tyre Stack, Wood Crate and Waste Barrel. The barrel and tyres have a large dip in the top to store your cache of ammo, so you can reload without breaking cover.

Nerf BUNKR storage for spare foam darts

There are 4 self-adhesive repair patches in the box in case of disaster, and despite having them up for a week (kicked and carried around the house, used as chairs etc.) so far, I'm really impressed. We've barely lost any air at all, and haven't had to reinflate any of them. 

The BUNKR is suitable for indoors or outdoors, and it's Winter mud out there right now, so we're keeping them indoors at the moment. Obviously they are huge, and you will benefit from having more space to spread out, although a hallway works well. They weigh very little indeed, so it's incredibly easy to move your obstacles and 'set up' really is no bother. 

Nerf BUNKR inflatable obstacles battleground in house hallway

We have a strict 'no headshots' rule, which I thought might be a problem, but it doesn't stop you having fun with the BUNKR inflatables, it's actually incredibly funny watching someone attempt to get their darts reloaded without giving us an easy arm-shot. 

Nerf BUNKR in hallway 2 boys battling each other

Once you've finished just randomly blasting everyone, the pack comes with Game Cards, Power Cards and Spawn Cards. The Game Cards show how to play 3 different games - Capture The Flag, Big Team Battle, and Battle Royale. You can decide on number and location of Respawns, how many rounds you'll have etc, so it's really not rigid and you can play it your way. 

Nerf BUNKR game play cards

There are also a set of Power Cards. These give bonuses or hinder players, and you can decide how to add them in to a game, when players can use them, or deal them before you start. There really is a lot of scope for players to create their own game - which is great because often 'organised Nerf' turns into something far less organised quite quickly! 

The Nerf BUNKR is great. It really is loads of fun, and my 10 year old especially loves it - and has lounged on it all week. It's obviously huge, and even though it's quick to blow up, it's not something you'd want to do every day. I think it'll get a lot of use in a house where it can stay up for a week or two at a time, and I'm looking forward to Summer, because it'll add another dimension to outdoor blaster battles. 

We reviewed the Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack (£39.99srp). Also available are the 'Take Cover' single obstacles (£9.99srp), Battle Fort (£19.99srp), Battle Stackers (£19.99srp), Challenger Pack (£29.99srp) and Battle Switch (£29.99srp). We were also sent the Nerf Ultra 2 Motorised Blaster (£24.99srp). If you are a fan of Nerf, then we have done lots of Nerf Blaster reviews over the years. 

Nerf BUNKR inflatable battle zone review competition pack 4 obstacles

The Nerf BUNKR range is made by Trends UK and Nerf Blasters are made by Hasbro, all suitable for players aged 8+. You can find out more on Available at larger toy shops instore or online, including Amazon (affiliate links). 

We were sent our Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack and our new Nerf Ultra 2 Motorised Blaster for this review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence 'thank you' if you buy through my link, but you never pay any more. It helps keep the website running. 

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