Wednesday 16 December 2020

December #TBCSmiles... 76 Months.

I think we all need the smiles this month, I know I do. Crikey it's been a hard year hasn't it? Give yourself a pat on the back because you really did make it, and if we can get this far, we can get to the end. Right now is possibly the most scary time of the whole year. Christmas is fast approaching. and we're all looking forward to a break, but spending time with people we love and care about is a different thing entirely in 2020. 

We're all worried it'll go wrong. Christmas can be stressful any year, this one even more so. 

Christmas decorations glowing and lit up. Penguins and lantern etc.

Remember that you are only human. You are allowed to feel scared, anxious, stressed, frustrated, but don't let it overwhelm you. Don't expect too much of yourself. In a normal year you might worry the bows match the paper, or the decorations are symmetrical. This year you have other worries to take up your headspace, so only concentrate on what is truly important. 

I say it each year because it's true, when you sit and list exactly what HAS TO HAPPEN to make your Christmas, the list is incredibly short, and the rest is sparkle. Sparkle is great, but if you don't prepare any in advance, you will make your own as you go along. The very best sparkle is never planned...

Despite the cold, the COVID thing, the insecurity, closed shops and lack of pantomime, we are still smiling. A huge thank you to everyone who joined in this month, and any month, with #TBCSmiles on Instagram. Every smile is the reason why we get up in the morning, and the reminder that we can do this. Some come easily, some are hard fought, but every single one is a precious treasure. 

You can find all of the smiles (over 8,000 now) on Instagram, and anyone is welcome to join in! You don't need a fancy camera or a beautiful backdrop, just tag any photo with a smile, grin, chuckle or laugh. Here are 9 of the biggest from last month - my 12 year old helped me choose this time... 

TBCSmiles December 2020 Your Smiles

These gorgeous smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers: 

BeautiesAndTheBibs / / _TheMumDiaries
JaimeOliverUK / MrsAmyLFox  / OurLittleEscapades
LiveLaughGo / GenuinePlacebo84 / GoingOnAnAdventureBlog

My family made our own smiles too, although the month seems to have flown past. I only managed to catch a few on camera, but I definitely have far more in my head... 

TBCSmiles December 2020 Our smiles

If you can't see your smiles, I assure you they are always there, but sometimes you have to look a little harder before you spot them... 


Christmas time can be very hard for a lot of people in any ordinary year. The pressure to perform can be huge, or you can feel pulled from all ways. Many of us have someone special missing from our celebrations, and it invokes strong memories for us all. Don't be alone. If you need to talk, there is always someone you can talk to, 

The Samaritans are on hand 24 hours a day. If you are a young person or are worried about another young person, you may feel more comfortable talking to Papyrus or Childline.

If you don't understand why you should stay, here are Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Decide To Leave This Christmas Or In The period Thereafter.

From all of us here at The Brick Castle - may your Christmas be the best it can be... 


  1. A perfect ending to a lovely post filled with smiles & love that shines through. It will be a different Christmas, but we have to do what we feel is right for our loved ones, communities and family. We can make it as magical or as quiet as we can. Merry Christmas and I'm always here if you ever need a listening ear, just as you are for so many. Lots of love xx

    1. Oh bless you, you are a lovely person Susan - thank you. We can, we can do this. We can make some unique memories this year! :) xx


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