Thursday, 11 January 2018

Home Robotics: Maker-Inspired Projects by Daniel Knox Book Review (8+)

Home Robotics: Maker-Inspired Projects For Building Your Own Robots is written by Daniel Knox and will be released on 18th January. Recommended for younger readers and scientists aged 8+, I actually passed this on to my 20 year old Uni Student Engineer, as it's not only interesting to children. He can help his little brothers make something next Summer...

There are 13 different project robots that you can build at home, split into 3 difficulties - Basic Bots for beginners, Simple Robots for those with a little bit of confidence and understanding and Smart Makes, for when your child is ready to take over the world...

Although you will need some equipment to make your robots, it's all easy to find stuff that you should have around the home or that can buy online quite cheaply, for pennies in some cases. The robots are all designed to be accessible to as many readers as possible and casings/chassis are made from whatever your child has to hand - meccano, LEGO, card or other construction materials.

Robot projects start with very basic robots that jump and vibrate to move, and progress to motion-activated catapults and robots that can be programmed or can even write. Instructions and components are clearly laid out and it's very easy to follow - once your child has begun to remember what everything is. There is some technical language, but it's easy to decipher and teaches everyone the correct terminology.

 At 160 pages this is a great book for younger scientists who are ready to try something a bit more tricky. It may appeal more to children who already have an interest in robotics and science, and it supports and expands on many of the topics and themes they'll cover in technology, science and computing. I feel it's a great launch platform for any child who is excited about using electricity or coding to do interesting things, but doesn't know where to start.

The projects are all worthwhile and have an end result you can show to people proudly. They are clearly inspired by people who actually make robots themselves, rather than a collection of projects that just sound interesting. Your child might need a bit of help, but I think no parent will be too reluctant to join in and work together.

Home Robotics: Maker-Inspired Projects For Building Your Own Robots is written by Daniel Knox, published by Aurum Press (QuartoKnows) and will be released on 18th January. Available to pre-order now rrp £14.99 from all good book shops instore and online, including Amazon.
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  1. This looks awesome. My boys would love this. What a great price too and if you can get the items to make simply, I think this would be fab. My middle boy's birthday this month too x

    1. I had a quick Google before I posted and there are tons of electrical suppliers online selling the parts, and some of them the postage is the main cost, so try and buy from one supplier, but yep, they're easy to get hold of! :)

  2. 12 drummers drumming were delivered on the 12th day of christmas, this would drive me insane I would like 12 giant bars of chocolate to be delivered to me on 12th night

  3. I would love 12 books - I would love the latest crime reads - that would keep me busy the whole year x

  4. I would calle it Walle and it would take care of all the ironing!

  5. I hate trying to get the cat hairs out of the stair carpet and also washing the skirting boards. A robot to do those would be great.


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