Wednesday 10 January 2018

Marvel Black Panther Gauntlet and FX Mask Review For Hasbro (age 5+)

Black Panther is an upcoming movie release and will be the 18th film in the incredibly popular Marvel Avengers series. We've been sent two of the brand new Hasbro Marvel Black Panther toys for review - the Vibranium Strike Nerf Gauntlet and Vibranium Power FX Mask.

The Vibranium Strike Gauntlet is quite an exciting toy for a Nerf fan like myself, so I played with this first. It comes complete with 3 x Nerf Elite darts and is manually powered, so doesn't need batteries. Packaging is almost entirely string and card, you can undo it, or cheat with scissors.

The Vibranium Strike Gauntlet is designed to look like head of panther and takes a little assembly as it arrives in two parts. You don't need any tools, it just slots together and it's obvious how to do it.

This is a proper Nerf blaster, there's no doubt and it has all the power you'd expect, although aim takes a bit of practise. It's loads of fun. Not the most comfortable thing to hold, but easy enough for a 5 year old to operate.

Reloading is quick and easy, even without looking, and priming/cocking the gauntlet via the orange handle doesn't a lot of hand strength, so it's great for even the younger children who will play with this.

The Vibranium Power FX Mask is again in Earth-friendly cardboard packaging and is relatively easy to open. It is battery-powered and lights up, and a demo AA battery is included, so it's Christmas-morning friendly and no-one will be disappointed. At first glance it's 'just a mask', but it hides two special effects.

Push the button on the right temple of the mask to activate pulsating and fixed light effects. There is a flip-down lens which gives you two different views of the world - just like the 'real' Marvel Black Panther. This is easily flipped, even while wearing the mask, using a small lever on the right of the mask.

You can see when you look behind the mask that the moving parts are well away from the face when your child is wearing it. It's really well made, looks and feels great quality and has a nice, smooth action. There is even a rubber cushion for over the nose.

The Vibranium Power FX Mask is a good size, with a lot of available adjustment and should fit almost all children 5-10ish. It's easy to wear and you can see well through the really large, but semi-concealed eyeholes.

These toys are incredibly well made and should withstand a lot of rough play. They work well and it's actually very easy to see where the money has been spent on design and quality materials. They aren't frustrating and should delight any young Black Panther fan.

The Vibranium Strike Nerf Gauntlet (rrp £20.99) and Vibranium Power FX Mask (rrp £20.99) are available now from toy shops including Smyths, and there is also a Marvel Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Claw available (rrp £20.99).

We were sent our toys to review by Hasbro.

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