Monday 15 January 2018

41 Months.... #TBCSmiles

The most stressful and full month has passed and now we're all deflated, shattered and left with the tidying up. Over Christmas you're often too busy to sit and pose for photos - which has got to be right, surely. If you've got it in your memory, it existed. You did capture plenty of your smiles though - Christmas, snow and tons of gorgeous pyjamas which put all of our to shame! Most of all, some genuinely happy faces with grinning eyes. I hope your Christmas was an excellent one.

Here are 9 of the brightest smiles shared by people on Instagram over the last month. Anyone can join in, just tag any smile with #TBCSmiles and take a look at the others, it's an amazing collection to warm you from any cold weather.

This month's hilariously cheeky smiles were provided by the following Instagrammers:

We had our smiles too, and I captured a few with the camera - mainly on Christmas Day and Boxing Day - and my eldest's 24th birthday!

I save our smiles because I value each and every one so very much. Each one is a reminder and a reason why we are still going, and they are posted on the 15th to remember our lost 16 year old, Elspeth. Everyone can make smiles and they are contagious. If you don't see yours, keep looking, they are always there.

If you are struggling with January, I wrote a post a couple of days ago which is kind of an extension to one I wrote 2 years ago. It's not a happy post, THIS is a happy post. It is however a positive post. With trigger warnings for suicide and child bereavement. 13 Reasons Why Not


  1. Aww I love these posts. Thanks for including mine lovely. Beautiful smiles, a post that you can't help but smile x

  2. Another lovely collection. Always love seeing all of yours too. Nothing better than a smile xx


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