Thursday 4 January 2018

Havex Machines Review - Our Christmas Hit! (age 6+)

Havex Machines are an instantly transforming toy which is activated by a micro car. The miniature vehicles drive into the larger model and initiate magnetic release mechanisms. The model then leaps instantly into it's alternative vehicle model.

Havex Machines were a massive hit in our house this Christmas and have been played with far more than anything else. I was sent them a little late to review, so Santa brought them instead. Packaging was Christmas morning-friendly, no batteries and my 7 and 9 year old boys loved them. I'm pretty keen on them myself. They're really sturdy models and work incredibly well.

You are supplied with an instruction sheet full of diagrams hidden within the packaging, as well as a small comic story. Don't be daunted, it actually has instructions for several of the vehicles on the one sheet. It's also really clear and easy to follow, but they models are super easy and very intuitive, so even if you don't find it straightaway, you should be fine.

We were sent 4 different Havex Machines vehicles to review:

Combat Bot - my boys favourite of the different models, this is affectionately known here as the Chicken Walker.

You can see here the ramp which the micro car runs up. It is then pulled in by a magnet and stays put. The ramp is important when you are transforming the vehicle back into it's cube shape, without it in place correctly it won't clip together properly.

Sonic Jet - shown in the above photo in it's resting 'cuboid' pose and below as an opened jet, this is a really nice looking plane and would satisfy any small child who wants to 'whoosh' around the room.

Mech Bug - I like this one best. It really does make a great bug and the colours are excellent. The plastic is really durable and thick, my boys have only had one breakage and that was when someone tripped over. We were able to glue it too!

You can see the micro car through the body shell, and colour really is used very well to create a striking difference.

Star Blaster - This is clearly a space vehicle and very reminiscent of 1950's style comics, in that distinctive matt gold.

You can't really get a feel for Havex Machines using photos, here's a quick video demonstration from the boys...

Havex Machines are available now from toy shops including The Entertainer and Amazon rrp £12, currently £8. There is also a larger Ultimate Battle Ship available which can be used with several of the smaller models.

We were sent our Havex Machines for review. Amazon links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a few pence for the referral, but you don't pay any extra! 


  1. I love how colourful the toys are and pretty cool that they transform with the use of the smaller cars - imagine that's quite exciting! Sim xx

    1. They are really colourful! It's so unusual for a toy like this to have so much colour, but I really like it. The mechabug spider type guy would look so different in grey!


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