Tuesday 14 October 2014

Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review

It's been a long while since we played any games, but this weekend we did. We tried a couple of new games, and the first is Can You Guess? from Orchard Toys. The game is suitable for age 4+ and was a really fun game, a hit with all of us, whatever age.

Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review

Designed for children aged around 4+, Can You Guess? is really simple and fluid and the rules were incredibly quick to grasp - even for our 4 year old.

Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review age 4+

 Spin the spinner to see whether you choose from the 'sound', 'action' or 'sound and action' cards. 

Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review age 4+ spinner
Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review for children age 4+ spinner

Then take a card from the top of the pile and turn it over without showing anyone. You then have to perform the character, event or activity shown. 

Can You Guess? game cards shown recycled card

The other players have to try and guess what is shown on your card and the first person to guess correctly wins a star. Stars and used cards are placed on your playing board. The winner is the person wth the most stars once everyone has taken 6 turns.

Can You Guess? game cards shown recycled card green toys

What makes this game so much fun is the selection of activities on the cards - they're brilliant. Writing-free, it's as easy for a 4 year old as it is an adult, and has some interesting choices that all take seconds to perform and don't require any real brain-power.

Here we have 'chicken'....

4 year old acting a chicken

And a flock of delicate and sweet Ballerinas....
children acting as balerinas playing a game

Because the cards have such simple pictures this game is not only suitable for younger children than the great classic 'What A Performance', but it's also much quicker and easier all round, and we played 2 full games in under half an hour.

Can You Guess? game from Orchard Toys review board set up on table

The speed and ease means that no-one can get bored waiting, there is always something to try and guess, or you are performing yourself. There is no memory or puzzle-solving, but this is a brilliant game for building confidence and social skills, and observation skills. You need to be ready to watch and give your answer before anyone else does!

Can You Guess? has an RRP of £11.75 and is one of my all-time favourite games. I love the fact we can play a whole game and have a bit of fun without exhausting ourselves in the 20 minutes it takes for tea to cook.

Orchard Toys currently have a fantastic giveaway running - fill in the survey on the main Orchard Toys website for your chance to win 1 of 5 Orchard Toys bundles worth £50 each!

I've reviewed a lot of Orchard Toys games and puzzles in the past, they can all be found on  my Toy Review page.

We were sent our game to review.


  1. We love this game! A bit like What a Performance! but much better for younger children in the family.

  2. This sounds like a game my little nieces would love, and my Christmas gift list is getting longer! Thanks

  3. This looks great - What a Performance is one of our favourites so I am sure this would be a hit too!

    1. It'll be brilliant for Fyfa because she won't be ready for What A Performance for a few years, but this is 2+ and a 2 year old could definitely join in :)

  4. This game look fun for younger children.


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