Tuesday 7 October 2014

Touch And Feel Story Books from the Little Tiger Press

We've been reviewing books for the Little Tiger Press for quite a while now, and this month we've been sent two gorgeous 'Touch And Feel' books by M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton. At first I thought they might be a little young for my 4 and recently 6 year old boys, but it's not so at all.

One Special Sleepover and One Special Christmas touch and feel story books for children review

All of the red print in these two Touch And Feel books has been printed over with flocked fibres, so it's soft and warm to the touch. It's really beautifully done with incredibly crisp edges and fine detail.

Little Tiger Press Tina Macnaughton touch and feel books red flocked printing

My children love running their fingers across the flock, and it can be excellent for helping with fine motor skills, as they practise following the edges of shapes and patterns, or thin lines flowing around the page.

One Special Sleepover by Little Tiger Press children's book review

One Special Sleepover is a nice little tale about a group of animal friends who come together and make a fabulous blanket to keep everyone warm and snug when the blanket that they had is lost. They all put their fabrics and their memories into the blanket, and make something really special.

One Special Sleepover by Little Tiger Press children's book review flock blanket close up

The illustrations are beautiful and detailed, and the characters likeable. The story has a nice gentle flow, and it's perfect for bedtime reading. 

One Special Sleepover by M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton children's book review inside page

One Special Christmas children's story book with touch and feel flocked print review

 One Special Christmas has a storyline that's fairly familiar and formulaic to an adult, but incredibly exciting to children, and never seems to fail. Santa's ill, and he needs help delivering the presents.

One Special Christmas children's story book about Santa and animals review

Although the overall story is fairly familiar, it has it's own special charm, and the main feature is what happens to the poor little hedgehog's hat while he's helping Santa deliver the presents. 

One Special Christmas by M. Christina Butler children's story book review inside page

Again beautifully illustrated and with a gentle flowing storyline, this is a tale about friends helping each other and it delighted both of my little boys. The ending made them both beam. 

6 year old reading christmas story book

Both of these books are available at all good bookshops. One Special Sleepover and One Special Christmas both have 32 full colour pages and are available in hardback edition RRP £10.99 and paperback RRP £6.99.

4 year old reading bedtime blanket book

We were sent both of these books for review.


  1. Those look really lovely Jen, I think LM would love the flocking, she likes anything she can stroke like this.

    1. They are really nice books. We will pass them on when we've finished with them in about 4 years time ;)

  2. We have one starry night by the same people with the same otuch and feel, it is a lovely book too! I am definitely keeping an eye out for the one special Christmas!

    1. You can't beat a nice Christmas tale - and I'm sure it'll still be read forever really ;)

  3. The special sleepover story sounds amazing and like a great lesson learning and teaching opportunity.

    1. It is a lovely story, very heartwarming and sweet ;)

  4. The book look so heartwarming and the story sound great!

    1. They are incredibly sweet Eileen, and they make your heart warm and your mouth smile :)


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