Tuesday 7 October 2014

Chill Factore Mini Moose Land and Play 'n' Cake.

At the beginning of Summer we were invited to the Chill Factore with our youngest little fella to the official opening of the Mini Moose Land. Mini Moose Land is the revamped Snow Play area within the Snow Park, which we've visited before and really enjoyed, so we were more than happy to return. Our previous review is here...

Chill Factore Manchester Snow Play under 4 area Mini Moose Land

Chill Factore Manchester Snow Park under 4 area Mini Moose Land

The Mini Moose Land now has some different activities for children under 4 to play with, including a huge plastic cottage 'Mini Moose House' and a brand new curling area. Children need to be walking in order to enjoy Mini Moose Land, and should be under 4, although we were allowed to sneak in to review as our youngest was only just over 4 years and is tiny and it wasn't busy.

The Mini Moose House has tables and chairs and musical instruments - which my youngest and Red Rose Mummy's Bud enjoyed bashing, sorry, playing, for a few minutes.

Chill Factore Manchester Snow Play inside Mini Moose Cottage

The curling area is a new one on me. I've never tried it before, and it was safe to say my 4 year old was far better than I was....in fact he was a natural - beating the incredibly patient and lovely Chill Factore employee every time.

Chill Factore Manchester Snow Play children's curling rink

Chill Factore Manchester Trafford Centre Snow Play 4 year old curling

 As well as the new equipment, some old favourites. The carousel, tubing runs and soft play equipment, as well as a slide - which wasn't as slippy and troublesome as I'd expected thankfully, and was very popular with my young man.

Various toys in Mini Moose Land Snow Play Chill Factore Manchester

Chill Factore recently started offering a great Play 'n' Cake morning for adults and under 4's every Friday between 9.30am and 12.30pm. For £14 an adult and child can play for an hour in Mini Moose Land, and then go upstairs to the Mont Blanc Cafe for a hot drink and a slice of traybake, and a cookie for the little one. 

It turns out that the child used on the promotional posters and flyers for the Play 'n' Cake is a bit familiar...if a bit younger and with less hair!

Play n Cake at Mini Moose Land Snow Play Chill Factore Manchester

If you time it right, you may even get to meet Mini Moose himself! My son was a bit shy...

Play n Cake for under 4's at Mini Moose Land Snow Play Chill Factore Manchester

Mini Moose Land costs £6 for 1 hour's play per person, and children do need to be accompanied by a grown up! You'll also need to be wrapped up warm with gloves and a hat - snow suits can be hired.

If you are a little older than 4 then you may be more interested in some of the other activities on offer at the Chill Factore, including skiing, sledging, tubing and Extreme Snow as tested by one of our teenagers and their friend. It'll also soon be time to think about Christmas, and the grotto last year was absolutely fabulous. Our review for that is here. 

We were treated to our time at the Chill Factore in order to review Mini Moose Land.


  1. I was really impressed by the new Mini Moose Land, my two really enjoyed it and the curling was fab.

    1. The curling was excellent. I can't believe how bad I was compard to Zeke though!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a fantastic place to visit, the staff are lovely and it isn't at all intimidating, even the first time you go :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's lovely. It wears you out, but it's such good fun, the children love it there.

  4. This looks like a fabulous place to go, so different from anywhere else and so much to do!

    1. It is so different, and it's lovely they've got things for all the ages of children to play on or have a go at :)

  5. This looks like so much fun for little ones!

  6. Hope you had saved a lot of the flyers and poster! He look so young in there.


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