Sunday 5 October 2014

Sunflowers everywhere...

When Elspeth died we decided that we wanted to make her service as accessible as possible for her friends. We wanted them to be involved and be able to say goodbye properly. Sunflowers were mentioned and they seemed perfect, not only for her friends, but even her youngest siblings know what sunflowers are.

We mentioned that if anyone wanted to send flowers, then they could send a sunflower. Teenagers and everyone else didn't need to feel obliged to find money to spend on expensive bunches of flowers, they could just bring a sunflower.

What we didn't expect when we mentioned Sunflowers was that it would take on a life of it's own. We didn't forsee that to show support friends and family would change their Facebook photo's. We didn't realise that we would end up with so powerful and beautiful a symbol.

It's now 7 weeks since Elspeth died. 7 weeks. It feels like just a few days,and then I wonder how I managed to fit in her service, and going back to school, and all the other stuff we've done, and I realise it's true, it is 7 weeks.

In those 7 weeks we've been sent and shown some of the  most amazing, and beautiful, and personal sunflowers that ever could exist, and we cherish them all...

Thank you to Red Rose Mummy's Mum for the artwork
Thank you to the Foundation Unit at school for the wall of sunflowers
Thank you to Michelle and Karen for the candle
Thank you to the Bury bloggers for the Willow sunflower lady
Thank you to Mothergeek and Syd for the LEGO sunflower
Thank you to Jo, whose Father works at the loveliest Co-op you could ever have to use
Thank you to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the very timely unexpected sunflowers on the Dora ride
Thank you to Ave at Beadabode for the wooden etched sunflower
Thank you to MintyB Works Of Heart for the sunflower artwork
Thank you to Alice for the line drawing
Thank you to Anthea and Gandalf's Beard for the felted figure
Thank you to Dave and Kate at Camper Tronic for the garden sunflowers
Thank you to all of Elspeth's friends for bringing sunflowers
Thank you to everyone for being there, whether online, on the phone, or in person x


  1. A beautiful array of sunflowers I hope they have brought you and your family some comfort over the last seven weeks and will continue to do so in the future. They are our way of saying we are thinking of you and we are there for you xx

  2. Everytime I see a sunflower now I think of you and your family. The sunflowers are a lovely way to remember Elspeth xx

  3. Sunflowers have made me think of you all every time I've seen them since x

  4. Cant believe is 7 weeks ago. We will always thinking of you all.

  5. Oh they are so beautiful. I cannot believe 7 weeks have passed. Sending you love as always x

  6. Sunflowers have always been one of my favourite flowers and they've been everywhere since I first heard your devastating news. I can't think of a more beautiful flower to represent Elspeth and I will think of her every time I see one from now on. Sending love, as always xx

  7. Jenny, I mentioned on my previous comment (a week or so back) that I saw an amazing array of Sunflowers and thought of Elspeth. I thought about photographing it for you, but wasn't sure (that probably sounds silly now). When I go past again I will. There are no words (or photographs) I can share that truly express how much I'm thinking of you all. Jo x

  8. What a beautiful way to be able to remember Elspeth x

  9. I am noticing sunflowers so much more and every time I see one I think of you, Elspeth and the rest of your family. Sending love to you all xx

  10. What an amazing array of sunflowers made in every way possible. They are all so beautiful to help remember Elspeth. xx

  11. What a beautiful collection of bright sunflowers. It must be nice to know you have such support even in the darkest times x

  12. I still can't get my head round the fact she's gone. xxxxxx


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