Saturday 18 October 2014

Halloween Play-Doh Characters with ALDI's Specialbuys.

Halloween again and you can never find the stuff you had last year - plus it had fake blood stains and had been trodden on. Fear not, ALDI have a large range of Halloween goodies at really low prices. They've sent us a selection to have a look at, and it includes a neat pack of Play-Doh in 15 small tubs which are brilliant for handing out to 'Trick Or Treaters' and won't damage their teeth!

Play-Doh in Halloween Colours for modelling - mini tubs for treats

The pots come in the most useful colours for Halloween and are the perfect size for making little Halloween characters.

Play-Doh in Halloween Colours for modelling

Now I had every intention of doing a 'how to', but actually it isn't necessary at all - we opened the bag and within 20 minutes everyone had easily worked it out for themselves..

Pay-Doh Halloween models by 4 year old witch ghost pumpkin

Pay-Doh Halloween models by 6 year old ghost pumpkin witch

Fabulous! I'm really impressed with how delicate the models are and how little frustration my 4 and 6 year old boys had using the Play-Doh. Halloween shapes are really basic and easy, even for those of us who aren't very crafty.

Pay-Doh Halloween model cat

ALDI had also sent us some of their Halloween Berry lights, and with that we have the perfect Halloween picture...and loads of fun.

Play-Dough Halloween models and Pumpkin Berry Lights
Play-Dough Halloween models and Pumpkin Berry Lights  specialbuysreview

Using Play-Doh is brilliant for developing children's fine motor skills, creativity and imagination, and because anyone can make something they're pleased with, it's very rewarding and gives your child confidence and pride.

ALDI have also produced some free Halloween printables to amuse your children over half term and decorate ready for Halloween - they can be found here.

Halloween ALDI specialbuys review masks and loot bag

I have to mention the Halloween Berry Lights. They give off a lovely amber glow and have been perfect for my boys (who aren't sleeping in the dark at the moment). They're indoor use only and have a battery pack, so no worries about trailing wires or being able to place them near a plug socket.

Because they're LED's ours have been on for the last 9 nights (*safety advice at bottom of page) and have gone slightly dimmer, but we haven't had to replace the batteries yet!

Halloween ALDI specialbuys review berry lights

Halloween ALDI specialbuys review amber orange battery powered LED berry lights

I'm really impressed with ALDI's Halloween Specialbuys range. The felt masks and bags are well decorated, thick and quite strong, although my 4 year old has managed to rip the elastic from the vampire mask. The prices are excellent though - the children's masks are 79p, decorated felt loot bags £1.49, Berry Lights £4.99, Play-Doh £4.99 and the Spider Headband (as modelled by Sim from SimsLifeBlog) is £1.49.

Halloween ALDI specialbuys review Children's Halloween spider headband

*Safety Advice
Ensure wires and cabling are well out of the reach of children, and are never ever close by a bed where the occupant could become entangled.
Using any electrical device unnattended carries a risk of fire and/or malfunction. Lights should really be turned off overnight.
Regarding LED battery powered lights say -
"Battery powered lights are one of the safest lighting options available. Without the added potential risk provided by a mains current, battery operated lights function at an extremely low voltage, meaning that even a small shock is unlikely, should the product malfunction. Superb for use indoor against fabrics, LED bulbs don't generate any heat so you can be confident about passing those health and safety regulations for venues, or just peace of mind in your home."


  1. i am loving the mini playdoh tubs! great to add to party bags too

    1. They are ace. I wish I'd seen those before we had a birthday last month, such a great idea :)

  2. Aldi is one of my favorite places to go. Love the play doh creations!

    1. Thank you - they did a great job did'nt they? Neither f them would attempt a cat though, so that's mine and it's the worst of the lot :)

  3. That PlayDoh looks great! Love the little tubs! x

    1. They're a lovely idea because they're big enough to make something useful, but small enough you don't cry when they leave the lids off!

  4. Playdoh is a great option to give out instead of sweets.

  5. It looks like they have some great Halloween goodies. I love the idea of giving out Playdoh instead of sweets - not sure how the Trick or Treaters would react though!

    1. I've forgotten to buy sweets and given them apples before now, they'd probably be pleased with the improvement!


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