Thursday 21 April 2016

Building A Duvet Fort with Sleepy People Anti Allergy Bedding

Some jobs are just plain fun, and being asked by SleepyPeople if I could share my fort-building skills was definitely something that appealed on a rainy afternoon during Easter break - as my 6 and 7 year old boys ran past screeching at the fleeing cat.

I may not have the neatest or best fort-building skills, but after 22 years as a parent I'd hope I can put together something suitable, and SleepyPeople sent new pillows and duvets to work with. They proved an instant hit...

As they were having so much fun I let them play for as long as they wanted. Thankfully both the pillows and duvets are washable - the pillows are actually waterproof!! Who doesn't love a good roll in a duvet...

We did put some covers on before we started the fort though. We also had the awesome Wiplii Cardboard Pirate Ship to review, so we were pirates smuggling treasure into a duvet cave rather than a 7 year old wanted to take charge, so he put together the first attempt using the sofas and table....

Proud he may have been, but there's an obvious flaw in his wasn't very big...

I reminded him of an awesome duvet fort we built a while back behind the sofa - it was huge and even had its own cooker, library and the all-essential tool box!

He was adamant we weren't going behind the sofa (renamed mountain range), so we moved the table (smashed boat) and made a bit of space, and introduced a bit of driftwood we'd found on the beach (on our treasure island).

It might not seem it at first, but this was a huge improvement...

We could even spot this smugglers cave from inside the pirate ship...

Wait until you see inside! So spacious, so roomy. You could swing a very tiny cat.

But wait until I tell you that I took that photo sitting INSIDE the duvet smugglers cave...and that we found some pirate treasure hidden at the back...

It may have served its purpose, but the Duvet Smugglers Cave could probably have benefitted if my boys had read the Sleepy People's Top Fort Building Tips.

When they had finished with their duvet smugglers cave and it was being dismantled, my youngest continued to play, clearly a duvet and a pillow are THE best toys....

Fortunately he also had no problems going to sleep snuggled in his duvet either...he usually only likes fluffy fleece on his face at night, so it is a definite win.

The Silent Night Anti Allergy Duvets we were sent are washable, and bacteria and dustmite resistant. They have a polyester/cotton cover and anti-bacterial Polyester hollowfibre filling. Mainly though, they're really plump and soft, and much lighter than the boys' previous duvets! They really pack nice and small too, so they'll have no problem fitting in a washing machine.

The Silent Night Anti Allergy Pillows we were sent are actually waterproof! They're also washable, bacteria and dustmite resistant and made in the UK. The non-removable covers are very different, but incredibly comfortable with a soft, fine towelling-type finish. Because they are waterproof they also retain their plumpness really well, but there is absolutely no plasticy feel or noise at all, and they are excellent - especially for children....or anyone who dribbles a lot...

I am really impressed with the new bedding. The duvets are much lighter and somehow softer than our old ones, and the pillows are brilliant - it's great to know neither of the products will harbour a lot of allergens either. We are a family which does suffer hayfever, and constantly washing pillows does make them lumpy much more quickly.

The Silentnight Anti Allergy 7.5 Tog Single Duvet retails at £14.99 and the Silentnight Anti Allergy Waterproof Pillow is currently on offer at £8.99. The design and building of the fort was all our own work. 


  1. Those look liked great fun. Can't beat a bit of fort building x

    1. Totally - it is such great fun. Everything is better under a duvet :D

  2. Good to know that the pillow is waterproof. I need that!

    1. I did think of you actually Eileen! It's a genius idea :D

  3. Awww looks like the boys definitely had fun! Love fort building! Sim xx

    1. They did. My big lad took it very seriously there - he's going to be a designer, I can tell :D


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