Thursday 7 April 2016

Gtech Multi Cordless Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Gtech Multi is a hand-held vacuum which combines the familiarity of an upright cleaner and the cleaning performance of the AirRam. Designed to complement your regular vacuum cleaner, the Multi can get into all those hard-to-reach places and edges, and give you a finish that makes all the difference, and makes the perfect partner for the Gtech AirRam.

The Gtech Multi arrives in a neat easy-open storage box which is not very big or heavy, and is pretty good for being minimal packaging. Inside are the Multi and the 3 attachments, plus charging cable/adapter. 

Unlike other hand-held vacuum cleaners I've used in the past, the Multi considers itself a 'proper' vacuum and has some pretty grown up attachments. As this is a real review you'll appreciate we got over-excited and tried it before I took any nice clean photo's, so the newness has been dusted over a little...

All of the attachments are really simple to line up the dots and slot in, and pull out by pulling on the green bands. You don't need any hand strength, yet they are really secure and won't fall out.

Cleaning and care of the Gtech Multi is also a breeze. There are windows to see that everything is working, and it all comes apart for really easy cleaning. Incredibly clever, there is even a slot in the roller to cut and remove any long hair or threads caught on the brushes.

To empty the vacuum cleaner bin pull it away from the motor, turn it over and the grey section unclips to tip out the mess. This is a bit dusty actually, so do it beside the dustbin.

The lifetime washable filter is housed in the core of the bin and simply pulls out. It can be rinsed under the tap, dried and re-used. We have just rinsed ours and it looks like new - proving that I should have taken the photo's now really....doh!

When it's on, it has lights!! This is actually more helpful than I'd realised, especially brilliant for under the beds and other dark corners. The battery life is meant to be around 20 minutes from a 4 hour charge, I'd say this is a low estimate. I have easily used mine for longer today alone, and I didn't freshly charge it.

Charging is by a plug in adapter, exactly the same as the Gtech AirRam K9 which we reviewed 2 weeks ago. They do work perfectly as a pair, and you can find our Gtech AirRam K9 review here...

One of the big uses for the Multi is along edges and strips of carpet. We have a really awkward corner behind the door beside the rabbit hutch, and it's full of hair and hay each morning. The power when using the Power Brush Head is fantastic, it is on a par with the AirRam and far more than I'd ever expect from a handheld.

Without the Power Brush Head you obviously don't have the rollers, and with both the extension hose (with bristles that are too soft in my opinion) and concealed integrated extension hose (very neat and clever) you do alas lose a little bit of suction. Performance is still better than my previous handhelds, and the tubes definitely don't clog as often - in spite of all of that rabbit hutch spillage I've only had one occasion when a tube has clogged, and by turning it round and tapping it, it cleared.

A place where the Gtech Multi comes into it's own is in your vehicle. My van is always a state, and it was an absolute joy to clean it with the Multi. It's light and the shape is another very clever feature. The Multi continues the lines of your arm and hand, and so naturally is easy to move around in corners and under van seats. It works well any way up, so you can tip it and tilt it, and I didn't scrape my knuckles once. 

The Multi really does vacuum right up to the edge, and is excellent for stairs. Light enough to be easily portable, long and angled enough so that you don't have to bend double, even with the shorter attachments. And you can do the curtain while you are there...

I'm very impressed with the handiness and ease of use of the Gtech Multi. It's very easy to hold and the on/off button is right at your thumb, so operation can be entirely one-handed. It is a little heavy, but the bin is a good size, and with that power you won't have to repeat strokes often, so you will be vacuuming for less time. Battery life is excellent, and it has the ability to pull out 2005's dust from upholstery and carpet. Let down only slightly by the dusty emptying, and the bristles on the hose attachments being a bit ineffectual.

The Gtech Multi retails at £149. You can also buy it in a bundle deal with the AirRam for £299. In case you missed it, here is my review of the AirRam K9 (designed especially with pets in mind). 

You can find out more about all of the Gtech products on the Gtech website

We were sent our Gtech Multi for review.


  1. We really need this in our lives here! My stairs are a nightmare and we struggle with Brewster and his hairs in all the tight corners. As for my car, uuum. It looks really fab and a very comprehensive review.

    1. Hahaha....thanks for the comments Mary. My car was a real state beforehand - my partner and teenagers don't seem to believe in bins!

  2. OMG. i saw the adverts yesterday and was only thinking how cool it would be to review the two (or even one). Ha ha! Well done! Great review!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! They are very good, and they work together so well. A pleasure to use as well, so vacuuming isn't a chore at all :)

  3. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this web-blog and i'm impressed! Extremely helpful information. Thanks and good luck.

  4. Have found it tiring to hold motor in one hand and flexible hose in other for cobwebby ceilings so atach rigid hose, bu still then find holding motor unit high too heavy for an almost 70 year old. Also the plastic ring connector the hose comes out of is now cracked so attachments tend to 'slump' once you start waving it in the air. Stil ok for stairs and lights are very useful

    1. Thank you for your comment! I must say I don't often use flexible hoses, they drive me bats, so I always just wave around the main motor unit, and I use a broom for cobwebs/ceilings, then vacuum the floor. I am lazy in that respect though. I can see that it is going to be heavy after a while, definitely.
      We haven't had any cracks on ours as yet, so that's definitely not a given, and I've used it most days for spot cleans at least. It is great on the stairs - I honestly love it for that.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment - another experience is really helpful to people reading :)



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