Thursday 21 April 2016

Is There a Separation of Government in Homeschooling?

This post is written by Andrew Burgess

Is There a Separation of Government in Homeschooling?

There are many reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children. Some families move around frequently, so parents want to provide some kind of stability. Some want to provide their children with a safe learning environments. Still others believe that the government is too involved in the public school system. While there is some separation of the government in the homeschooling setting, it can't be completely avoided.

Imparting Religious Beliefs

One big reason parents choose to homeschool children is for religious reasons. In public school, the government has removed religion from the classroom. For some parents, faith is far too important not to have it involved with lessons such as literature or science, specifically the creation of the earth. They want to share their faith with their children, and believe one of the best ways to do so is to incorporate it in every part of their children's lives. The government may have control over religion in public school, but it cannot control it in the homeschool setting.

Customized Learning

The government mandates certain standards as to where students should be at a certain grade level. Children don't all learn at the same rate. Because teachers need to stick to these standards, the students struggling to keep up with their classmates fall behind while those who would otherwise excel beyond their classmates get bored and lose motivation. Online education programs like FutureSchool allow for parents to customize their children's learning. With eLearning classes, children can move at their own pace, instead of one set by the government. And, they need help, children can access an online tutor at any time of day rather than having to wait until after class.

Some Standards Still Apply

While parents have complete control over what their children learn in the homeschool setting, some mandates still need to be met. Homeschooled children need to pass certain tests. With online homeschooling though, parents have some help. The curriculums offered by these programs align to state curriculums while still giving parents complete freedom over their children's education.

Government has a big role in public school. In the homeschool setting, while there are still some standards that need to be met, the parents have total control over what their children learn and can set a comfortable pace so their children can succeed.

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  1. It is good to have a website that support homeschool for parent. Sound fab.

    1. I thought of you when I saw this post Eileen - perfect for a tiger parent like yourself :)


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