Monday 11 April 2016

Kids In The Kitchen With Cookies, Ginger and Wilko's Kitchen Equipment

Over Easter Wilko sent me and my children a gorgeous bundle of goodies from their baking range to have a play with. Annoyingly people in my house were ill, so my plans for Easter cooking were a little delayed. We're all back on track and so I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen with help from my 2 young assistants...

Wilko's sent us some truly gorgeous equipment to help with our baking. The Mason Cash ceramic Mixing Bowl (£15) and Measuring Jug (£10) are absolutely gorgeous, I've taken a very possessive stance over them.

It pains me to hear clanking metal on ceramics, so I'm pleased to say Wilko's also sent us some plastic pig tools (£1 each), plus a Beech Wooden Rolling Pin (£3.50), a 9 inch spring form cake tin, silicone whisk (£1.25), heart cookie cutters and a mini kitchen scale (£2.50).

We had a gentle return to baking, with the classic 'it's a recipe really' Rice Crispie Cakes. This is where we first discovered my 6 year old's love of weighing things...

And my love for the Mason Cash ceramics. They're really gorgeous...and microwaveable!

We used 250g of cereal with 120g of melted chocolate. Some people use more chocolate, or add raisins or a spoonful of golden syrup, or even biscuit and marshmallow to make a Rocky Road recipe.

The Rice Crispy Cakes worked a treat, as we suspected they would. 

Next two of my teenagers helped my newly 6 year old make the Star Wars cake mix he got for his birthday. I love watching them all interact, so this is my favourite sort of baking..

They did a great job. The best Star Wars and pirate cupcakes I've ever seen or eaten, without a doubt.

Next we wanted some nice bread to eat with posh peanut butter we'd been sent to try, and something tasty for afters, so we spent another afternoon baking. My boys' confidence is really growing, and I let them take over making a Ginger Cake.

I let the Ultramix take over kneading the bread, and had a look for a cookie recipe. I found a very simple Millie's Cookies recipe on BBC's Good Food - and it was as delicious, really worth baking yourself. Our cookies are a bit pale (my oven should have been a touch hotter), but cooked and chewy in the centre, and they were especially beautiful warm from the oven.

The boys made an excellent job of the Ginger Cake. We used a packet mix from the supermarket that cost only 60p!

All in all an excellent day's work, and two very proud, and cheeky young bakers!

The Wilko's baking utensils we were sent cost from £1 for the Oink Oink spatula and spoon to £15 for the Mason Cash ceramic mixing bowl. Available now. Find out more on the Wilko's website.

We are also Wilko's Wild Bird Bloggers and reviewed their bird table and feeder in our Wild Bird Bloggers post here...


  1. What great fun. We love baking as you know and what a great t-shirt ;) This cake looks fab xx

  2. Hahaha - that LEGO Ninjago t-shirt - it'll be all over both of our blogs this year! :D


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