Tuesday 10 May 2016

Peter Rabbit - The Tale Of The Great Breakout DVD Review and Giveaway

This year would have been Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday, and her most popular character Peter Rabbit is 114 himself. He's looking good for it and that instantly recognisable blue jacket has worn very well.

My children have mainly moved on from Beatrix Potter stories, but they have all enjoyed them, as did I when I was young, and he is still as popular today. We've been sent the latest DVD release from Abbey Home Media to review, and I also have a copy to give away to one of my readers.

The Tale Of The Great Breakout is the fourth compilation of animated adventures and comprises 6 Peter Rabbit episodes lasting over 70 minutes in total:

The Tale Of The Great Breakout
The Tale Of The Mystery Plum Thief
The Tale Of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid
The Tale Of The Downhill Escape
The Tale Of The Unguarded Garden
The Tale Of The Cat And The Rat

I have to say I was taken by surprise! I thought it would be a nice sleepy time DVD to watch snuggled with my boys, but they'd probably get bored quite quickly. I was wrong. It was indeed a great DVD to watch together, and we all sat and watched it through, including my 6 and 7 year old boys. 

The Tale Of The Great Breakout isn't 'twee', it has a bit of punch and very mild peril. This makes it attractive to a much wider, and possibly older, audience. The stories are familiar and interesting, they have a little humour and they carry messages about friendship and respect, as well as the best way to steal fruit and veg!

As a bonus this DVD comes with a free height chart. This amused my 7 year old because he wanted to see how tall he is, and the answer is larger than this chart!

We were impressed. The animation is lovely, with a warmth to the characters that makes them instantly likeable. The dangers the rabbits face seemed quite real, but not too scary for younger ones, and any peril isn't drawn out. The rabbits look out for themselves, and there is always a happy ending with Peter Rabbit around.

Peter Rabbit - The Tale Of The Great Breakout DVD is available now priced around £7.99 from all good DVD stockists instore and online.

To celebrate Peter's birthday there are all kinds of events and releases, including special National Trust exhibits and events in the Lake District where Beatrix lived. For more information hop on over to the Peter Rabbit website, where you will also find everything you could ever want to know about Peter Rabbit - and some free printables!

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Peter Rabbit - The Tale Of The Great Breakout DVD Giveaway


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  3. That was a tricky question! I think I would say 'Rabbit' from Winnie The Pooh is a pretty famous rabbit, if a little grumpy and cantankerous! :)

  4. Hazel watership down @msedollyp

  5. Lola Bunny - Bugs' girlfriend!!

  6. Bugs Bunny springs to mind first but you've got me thinking now.

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    Bugs Bunny

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  11. Lindsay Taylor3 June 2016 at 22:47

    Perhaps the next most famous rabbit to Peter - good old Bugs Bunny

  12. Stacy Fenemore4 June 2016 at 19:27

    Jive Bunny

  13. Katie McGinley5 June 2016 at 18:11

    Dylan the rabbit in the Magic Roundabout

  14. March Hare from alice in wonderland


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