Thursday 15 September 2016

25 Months Smiles... #TBCSmiles

I don't have any clever words or deep sentiments today. I'm still exhausted from writing my #WorldSuicidePreventionDay post last Friday. Writing is cathartic, it is therapy, it sorts out your head, but I can't go through that too often.

Having to face reality head-on is hard, and it'll always be hard. Most of the time I daren't step back and look at the big picture because I fear losing my step. Head down and plug onwards. Just keep swimming Nemo.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who shared, liked, commented and messaged about my post the other day. The online support is invaluable, and I doubt we'd be upright without you. I have always said that if even one person went to get help, it was all worthwhile.

I heard on Saturday about more than one 'even one person'. I held out an accessible and useful net for not just someone, but some. I wish them all of the strength that they will need to go forward. I hope they find their support, and that in 10, 20, 40 years time they remember 2016 with their head held high and know that they didn't fail, they didn't let anyone down, they won. They are still here, and they will have created and shared many thousands of smiles.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their smiles this month using the hashtag #tbcsmiles. They are so beautiful to see and I've loved looking through them today with my young boys. I'm not always in a place to reply straightaway, but I promise I'll come back if not.

Here are the smiles I've collected from my family this month, including me for once! My very nearly 8 year old turns out to be a pretty good photographer. Other smiles courtesy of That Lancashire Lass's gorgeous new baby Eric, a great Star Wars birthday party for Tired Mummy Of Two's daughter, the Just So Festival and an impromptu dip on a rare sunny day in the centre of Manchester! Some of the best smiles can come along when you least expect them...

If you look for your smiles, they are always there....


  1. Those little gingers. Their smiles are golden xxx

  2. Beautiful, inspiring smiles as always, your post on Friday really made a difference to people and you should be proud of that x

  3. Lovely, lovely smiles. Eric had a great time meeting the boys and they were wonderful with him ❤ I must remember to use the hashtag this month too - nothing brightens up your day like a page full of smiles 😊


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