Tuesday 6 September 2016

Kidecals Personalised All-Purpose Washable Labels Review and Discount

Kidecals labels might initially cost a bit more than writing a name on in pen, but they are washable, waterproof, dishwashable, tumble drier and microwave safe, personalised labels that will stick to clothing, lunchboxes, PE Kits, bags and shoes, and practically anything else you can think of.

So lets test those claims...

Dishwasher-proof... Check...

In fact the stickers perform very well in our dishwasher, with no lifting or fading so far.

Microwave.... Check...

You can't tell anything has happened. The stickers definitely survive when heating food and liquids in the microwave.

Washing Machine.... Hmmm...a cautious check... (and an awful photo, sorry).

I've had mixed results. Definitely sticking labels to laundry labels works best, and don't wash something immediately after applying because if you do then the sticker will likely come off. I'm not at this point convinced for clothes that need regular washing, but I'll update this if I find later results are different.

Tumble Drier.... Check...

I've not lost any stickers so far in my tumble drier. They almost seem to shrink and thicken a miniscule amount with the heat, but retain all of their flexibility.

Waterproof.... Check. The stickers are clearly waterproof as shown in the examples above. 

Over the last 22 years I've bought cheap labels, and then I've replaced them time and again, and even given up and used a pen to scrawl a barely legible name that'll last a couple of washes. When my young boys first started in nursery I splashed out on some more expensive labels and I truly believe they are worthwhile. They weren't as durable as Kidecals though, these are pretty special.

The Kidecals labels are a pliable rubbery plastic, and will remove really easily to re-apply, yet stay firm where you leave them. Their basic value set ($36) contains a staggering 84 labels. Don't be put off by the fact they're American either - my personalised labels took only 9 days to arrive.

They're quite forgiving if you crease them as you put them on, and are thick enough that they don't fold over on themselves and end up in the bin when you try to stick them onto something odd-shaped.

The printing is almost perfect, very tight for something so small scale, and the range of sizes of labels is brilliant - pleasing my son, who wanted a tiny label that fits over the little window on his lunchbox!

The smallest labels are also great for standard clothing labels. Although you can fix the stickers to any fabrics, it's obviously only really going to work with fabrics that don't stretch, so sometimes the laundry advice label is the only place.

Shoe labels are a must, and my top tip for younger children is to place left and right shoe in the correct place, then stick the labels so that they face each other. This helps them know which shoe goes on which foot!  

Ordering took a couple of minutes, and as soon as I spotted this design I loved it and ordered. Actually if I'd bothered to spend longer I found some other designs I liked just as much, and my son would have probably preferred. There's actually a lot of personalisation possible even once you have picked a design.

And there are designs to suit everyone, as well as labels for keyboards, shoe labels and all kinds of labels for all around the house and garden.

Special mention to the fact although there are 'boy' and 'girl' options on the website, the designs are all pretty much the same. I like that a lot. Often children feel pressure to conform, when it's clearly labelled girl or boy, but they can choose pink or football from either section, it's a win. 

Kidecals have very kindly offered all of my readers a 15% Discount if you use the code summersavings at the checkout when you order before October 28th 2016.

Our Kidecals labels bundle pack retails at $36 (£27 at today's exchange rate) plus postage (currently $15 to the UK). This is more expensive than your average label, but you will probably only ever need the one pack for everything...

We were sent our Kidecals Label Bundle for review.

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