Wednesday 14 June 2017

Gormless Gods And Hapless Heroes by Stella Tarakson Book Review (age 9+)

My 8 1/2 year old son is a really voracious reader, so we are always searching for new books to read. He's a big fan of history and humour, so Gormless Gods And Hapless Heroes: Tim Baker And The Ancient Curse seemed a perfect choice for him.

The story features a young lad called Tim who has struggled since losing his father. He feels life is hard on him and his Mum. She has to work 2 jobs and he has to do his bit to help. He is busy dusting when the phone rings and he accidentally smashes a very expensive ancient Greek vase.

When the vase smashes everything becomes a bit strange...starting with the surprise appearance of the Ancient Greek hero Hercules...

The text is a really quite straightforward and uncomplicated, in a nice clear font. It's very easy to read, although it doesn't condescend, this is a book for around 9+ and it is that bit older in subject matter and content. "Cerberus, you Hellhound, I shall banish you back to the Underworld where you belong." is really quite a grown up sentence, albeit very tongue in cheek and humorous in the story!

Illustrations are monochrome pen and ink in an Ancient Greek style, and match the text in that they are somehow plain and simple, while conveying far more at the same time. It's really effective and appeals to a lot of children of this age group. Again more like line drawings in grown up books than it is children's books.

Gormless Gods And Hapless Heroes: Tim Baker And The Ancient Curse is a really interesting story book. It made my son ask questions about the Ancient Greek Gods and really intrigued both of us as to how Hercules could even exist.

Very quick to read despite having 128 pages, my son read this in one afternoon. The storyline is a little complicated though, so the age suggestion of 9+ is right in my opinion. It's funny with some slapstick and some more complicated situation comedy. Not so much laugh out loud as "can you imagine?"

Gormless Gods And Hapless Heroes: Tim Baker And The ancient Curse is written by Stella Tarakson, illustrated by Nick Roberts and published by one of our favourites, Sweet Cherry Publishing. Paperback, 128 pages, rrp £4.99 (currently on offer at Boolino for £3.49).

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