Sunday 11 June 2017

The Body Shop Bolton 1st Birthday and Summer Taster

Over half term I popped over to The Body Shop in Bolton to help them celebrate their first birthday and take a look at their Summer products. Formed in 1976 in Brighton, The Body Shop have always attempted to be as ethical as possible, and when I was a teenager were one of very few options for cruelty-free products.

30 years ago The Body Shop was somewhere new and magical, and I loved to shop there. Each birthday and Christmas you'd hope for those familiar bottle shapes. Teenagers today are not so different and I took my 17 year old daughter and her friend with me into Bolton.

This Summer's big sellers are likely to include the fruity body butters - very different scents and designed with slightly different skin in mind, but all leaving you silky smooth and moisturised.

Staff were on hand to assist us with any questions and we even had a hand massage. A customer was also having a birthday make over - The Body Shop has always seemed to pride themselves in sending you away with something you'll really want.

Our hand massages were with the Pinita Colada and Virgin Mojito Body Butter and Body Sorbet - a lighter moisturiser that soaks in instantly. They smell gorgeous - sweet and fruity with a real holiday feel.

One of my favourite things about The Body Shop is that even the most mundane items become gifts. You'd never assume to give a nail brush or lip salve as a present, but somehow The Body Shop makes it not only useful, it's desirable. I still have the flannel I was bought as a gift to take to hospital when I had my first baby.

We couldn't go home empty handed and were given some samples of products to check out at home, as well as treating ourselves.

My hands are constantly dry so I was advised the Hemp Hard Working Hand Protector a try. It's a very strange-smelling product which soaks into my skin very quickly indeed and moisturises really deeply. Although my skin is still dry, it's softer and springier. I like it.

The Body Shop paved the way for cruelty-free products in the UK, and they haven't forgotten their reason for existing. They currently have a petition that they are asking customers to sign, which calls for a worldwide ban on animal testing. Lets face it, after 40 years I think they've more than proven it's not necessary...

The Body Shop products don't contain microbeads, are all 100% Vegetarian (ask if you aren't sure which are Vegan) and in 1998 they co-founded the Ethical Trade Initiative. The Body Shop also work with conservation partners to create wildlife corridors to protect rainforest animals. You can buy from The Body Shop with confidence that no-one, no animal and no place was exploited to provide you with your toiletries or cosmetics.

Visit instore and you can request a demonstration or make over and skin consultation to choose products which best suit you (best to book ahead) and you can also ask for samples to take home and try before you buy.

You can find your local store or buy products online on The Body Shop website.

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