Friday 2 June 2017

Hotter Shoes For Summer (Review)

Last week I was invited to the Bury branch of Hotter Shoes to take a good look at their Summer collection. A huge array of sandals, pumps and lighter shoes in a fabulous variety of colours and all with the Hotter Shoe 'Comfort Concept' sole.

I first visited Hotter Shoes almost 3 years ago and took home a gorgeous pair of blue shoes. I still love them. I've worn them a lot and they've been reliable and comfortable. No frays, holes or loosening seams and miles of walking. I even went so far as to protect and waterproof them last year in my Liquiproof review.

Our visit was only 3 days after the Manchester Arena bomb and most of us knew of people who had been affected. The mood was reserved and quiet, which made for a very intimate and relaxed evening - everyone threw out the rule books and just chatted over the shoes.

I know all about the special Comfort Concept soles anyway - and I wrote about it last time I visited Hotter Shoes...

One of my favourite things about Hotter is that they have lots of different colourways. I'm a big fan of colour on shoes and this Summer the women's range also has several patterned shoes. I was spoilt for choice.

They do also have more traditional colours too - and no florals in the men's shoes as yet...

I spotted a pair I liked straightaway and even after walking around the whole store, I didn't find anything I preferred. By some miracle they also fit beautifully. They even had my name on them - well, almost. They have a 'hippy' insole and I've been called that more than once...

I chose the Hotter Shoes Shake design of shoe in Navy Floral. It's also available in cream floral, leopard print, silver and 9 other different bold and muted colours. In common with most Hotter shoes, Shake comes in half sizes and a choice of width fitting. Something to suit everyone.

I love my new shoes. They're a perfect Summer substitute for my Docs.

The hook and loop fastening I've found from experience is long-lasting and stays well, I don't even notice it except that I can fasten/unfasten my shoes one-handed. I love the braided strap across the foot and the detail across the heel..

These are incredibly soft and lightweight shoes, but they still protect your feet well. I've walked on cobbles and stones and it was no different to any other shoe - the Comfort Concept sole is still there. Even my corn doesn't complain. They feel like dancing shoes...

My Shake shoes retail at £65, which is not inexpensive, but comparable for any sturdy shoe (and cheaper than this season's trainers). I have trust in the quality and the level of comfort I will get from these shoes, for at least 3 years and counting. I think £22 per year is excellent value as I've definitely spent more on short-lasting and uncomfortable sandals and pumps in the past.

Hotter have 68 stores around the country, or you can order online on the Hotter Shoes Website. At the time of typing they are offering £25 discount when you buy 2 pairs of shoes from their Holiday Shop. If you visit instore the staff really know their stuff, so don't be afraid to ask.

Hotter love to see customer's photo's - you can share your #shoesies on Social Media or by email to You can also join the Hotter Comfort Club for news updates, competitions and offers.

My shoes and trip to Hotter Shoes were free for review


  1. I love hotter shoes! So durable and pretty! Need to get more of their shoe!

    1. They really are very pretty - but they do the job. Don't tell anyone, but I've been playing football and trampolining in mine :D

  2. I love my hotter shoes I just wish I'd discovered them years ago love your house

    1. Hahaha I wish that was my house! That's the Hotter Shoes store in Bury. It is gorgeous :D

  3. Ooh I'm lusting after the pair you chose. I love the comfort from my winter boots so I must treat myself to something from their summer range.

    1. For how light they are, they are ridiculously comfortable, so Winter boots must be awesome, but I do love my docs so much :D

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