Saturday 10 February 2018

Flush Force Collectible Toys Review and Unboxing for SpinMaster (age 4+)

If your children are anything like mine then they love small rubbery blind bag collectibles, especially when they are a bit gross and horrible. Flush Force fits the bill perfectly, with a collection of 150 different characters who hide in small plastic toilets...and start at £3.49 for a pack of 2. We've been sent a selection of the Series 1 sets to review.

Included in our bundle are the Bizarre Bathroom with 8 Flushies, the Filthy 5-Pack, the Number 2 Pack and the Collect-A-Bowl Stash 'N' Store Case with 4 Flushies.

Packaging is quite plastic heavy as everything is visible in the packaging, but more importantly has to be kept completely dry or it'll be ruined. With scissors it'll still take a couple of minutes to open, but batteries for the Collect-A-Bowl are included, so relatively Christmas morning friendly.

The packs tend to have some loose Flushies and some hidden in toilets, so be careful not to miss any when you open the packaging.

The Collect-A-Bowl is pretty cool actually. Compact and sensible, yet quirky and fun and can be used during play. The only Flush Force toilet that doesn't need water to reveal it's Flushies and it's also the only one of the toys which takes batteries - for the 3 different toilet sounds. They're actually very good and not overly-long, so not too annoying for nearby parents! Big enough to easily store 50 Flushies.

Most of the Flushies are hidden inside little toilet bowls like the one below and are exposed using the 'flush to reveal technology'. Remove the cistern cover and pour in a little water. Replace the cover, shake the toilet and then open the seat lid. The covering over the toilet bowl becomes translucent and then disintegrates once wet, revealing the Flushie hiding inside.

You genuinely do not know what Flushies you have inside until the paper has gone. If the water has turned green or purple you have a special Flushie. We had a flocked Flushie and green water, although it is fairly pale and we didn't spot it at the time!

Flushies are small, rubbery and quite detailed. They have family groups and variants and are all equally gross - although a lot are strangely cute too. Each one has a name and a little bit of backstory.

Some of the character names are a little dubious, although I guess that's a result of the USA/UK English language differences. In our 19 Flushies in total, we had 2 doubles, which is not too bad and they're ideal for swapping with friends.

Here are my boys opening their Flushies - showing how they work, how they reveal, and what sounds the Collect-a-Bowl flush makes!

You can find out more and check out the whole range on the Flush Force website - where there is also a free to download Flush Force app. with mini games and collection list.  

Available now from toy shops instore and online, including Tesco, Argos and Toys R Us. 
Bizarre Bathroom with 8 Flushies rrp £10.99, Filthy 5-Pack rrp £5.99, Collect-A-Bowl Stash 'N' Store Case with 4 Flushies rrp £14.99, Number 2 Pack rrp £3.49.

We were sent our Flush Force toys for review. 


  1. My five year old daughter loves the blind bags too, and the poo emoji she is slightly obsessed with, so I think she would like these, I'm not a fan of collecting them all back up every night though lol xxxx

    1. Hahaha My 7 year old is obsessed with the poo emoji - kids are lovely aren't they? :D My boys have to clear away or the rabbit eats rubbery toys :D

  2. We had so much fun with these. They are great. Kids just love toilet humour don't they? x

    1. They really do. Why is totally beyond me, but they never change :) x


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