Thursday 8 February 2018

Stigu Review - Organised Stationery for disorganised people!

If you are anything like me, it was around 3rd January when you realised you hadn't even got a calendar, let alone anything sensible to keep a diary in! My daughter loved the Stigu planner I got from BlogOn last year and had bought herself another this year, so I was more than happy to review for them.

We've had several different Stigu Stationery products over the last few years and they're nice because they are a bit quirky, but they're designed to be attractive, effective and helpful on top of doing the intended job. They have simple wellbeing tips on each page that aren't condescending or twee, they are just reminders that you should relax and play as well as work...

The Stigu Planner 2018 is a clever planner which is a great size. Obviously we are into February now, however that means if you can still get one, it's reduced by 30%! There are great little illustrations and ideas on each weekly page, plenty of space for notes and I particularly love the way it breaks up each day into manageable jobs that you can easily tick off as they get done.

The Stigu Notebook is a hardbacked notebook which again has those great illustrations throughout - even my 9 year old has one and loves it. Loads of pages and because it's hardback I can throw it in my handbag and know it'll be fine.

Stigu Stickers are a fun touch and fit neatly into the daily spaces in the planner. They don't say boring things, they remind you to take time off - date night might be a rare one though!

There are two notepads in the 'Stigu To-Do Pads' pack - the traditional to-do and the more realistic 'could do'. It's actually a great way to look at your day and sort out what HAS TO HAPPEN, and what you'd really like to get round to once you've finished that.

In a stroke of genius all of the pages have a sticky strip on the back so that you can put them wherever you need them to be seen, and the to-do lists even has a magnetic strip on the back of the booklet - we have one on the fridge so that everyone can add those important jobs and shopping lists.

Stigu products are available online, planners rrp £18.90, currently reduced to £13.25 - grab a discount code on the Stigu website and head over to their Amazon shop. Free shipping on all UK orders over £10

We were sent some of our Stigu Products for review, and some we bought. 

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