Monday 26 February 2018

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station Review (age 3+)

Our latest toy review is something we are very familiar with - Hexbugs! These have been popular here for a good few years now and the Hexbug Nano Space range is something we saw at Digital Kids Show and loved, so we were more than happy to accept a Discovery Station set for review.

Inside the box everything is wrapped in plastic packages. I understand that it is easily scratched and needs to be protected, but I'd like to see less plastic and more recyclable card. This is a 55 piece set and there seem to be absolutely loads of pieces, it's very impressive.

Two Space Nano Hexbugs are included in the set and they are incredibly detailed and cute, as is the whole set really.

The miniature scale hasn't affected the care taken to make everything interesting. The Hexbugs can move around the station as they are, wear their space suits or slip underneath the space buggy to drive that. There's even a specially shaped ramp to let the Hexbug drive straight under the buggy. It's really clever and massively increases play value.

The little space buggy has a choice of different tops for cargo, fuel or a turret. These are quite hard to remove at first, but once they've been used a few times they loosen slightly, not enough to fall off during play though! There is even a selection of different cargo items to transport around your station.

The track, edging, walls and other scenery and building parts all slot and clip together very intuitively. It might be a bit harder for a 3 year old to build, but during play nothing falls apart and there's no frustration at all. There is enough track to build several different layouts and the Hexbugs stay on the curved track really well, they only exit the track when you want them to.

Here's a quick look at the Hexbugs Discovery Station in action with my two boys, who are almost 8 and 9 1/2 ...

I think this is an excellent set. The rrp is only £29.99 which makes it a fantastic value play set for the money. There's so much going on, so much to consider, learn about and play with. I think anyone buying this will feel they definitely had their money's worth.

The Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station is available now rrp £29.99 from all good toy shops including Smyths, where it is currently £21.99 - a bargain!

We were sent our Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station for review.


  1. Hexbug products are always popular and fab. These look good x

    1. They're so clever - the little space suits and buggy are awesome :D


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