Tuesday 6 February 2018

Hearing Things Game Review for Hasbro (age 12+)

Hearing Things is a great party game from Hasbro that can be played really quietly! It's very different to other games we have, and loads of fun. It's also one that can create some risque answers so, unless you can be very careful with what you say, best for older players.

Packaging is entirely card and inside the box you have the headphones and pack of 150 Phrase Cards, as well as instructions. You'll need 2 x AAA batteries to power the headphones, and learning the rules could hardly be quicker.

Split into 2 teams and take turns to be the active player wearing the headphones. The headphones play white noise and random spoken sounds so that you can't hear the whisperer. It's a really annoying noise until you are actually playing and too busy concentrating to notice! You can easily adjust the volume to be comfortable. There is a beeper to warn that the minute is almost over and a red light so that teammates can see when time is up.

One teammate of the active player becomes the whisperer and reads out the phrases on the card until the active player copies it exactly. We were really strict on this - each word had to be right. Some of the phrases are everyday and easy to guess, some are really random and bizarre and we found these could be really impossible, but they also caused the funniest guesses.

Each card has 4 phrases in different colours, so 600 in total, you'll never learn them all. We picked a colour before we began - rotate the colours to keep the game fresh. Hearing Things is best for 4-8 players, but there is also the option to play a 2-player co-operative game by challenging yourselves to get more phrases right within the time limit.

Hearing Things is great fun. We played with our younger children and were very careful what we said - and to be honest holding your tongue when it looks like someone is saying something rude is just as funny as saying it aloud when we played with just adults and teenagers. Watching people trying to 'whisper very clearly' is hilarious. A great party game which doesn't rely on everyone being quiet or sitting around a table.

Hearing Things is made by Hasbro and is available now from all good toy shops instore and online, including Smyths rrp £19.99. Age 12+ because you might blurt out a rude guess in the excitement and time pressure of play.

We were sent our copy of Hearing Things for review in our role as Hasbro Toy Tribe. 

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