Monday 23 April 2018

Classic BRIO Labyrinth Review - Wooden Ball Game For Age 6+

BRIO aren't a company I thought I'd work with again now that my children are bigger, yet they're one of my favourites, so I'm delighted to bring you this review of their classic Labyrinth Wooden Ball Game. Wooden toy manufacturers since 1884, this Swedish company make toys that last, educate and allow children to practise the developmental skills they'll use their whole lives.

Labyrinth was first introduced in 1946 and over 3 million have been sold. It arrives in a simple cardboard box, with the only plastic packaging being around the balls. It's protected inside, which is a good job as my postal service weren't careful at all. Inside there are the box-shaped maze and 2 small metal balls.

The Labyrinth is 34cm x 10cm x 39cm, beautifully made from wood with dovetailed joints and a gorgeous finish. It's excellent quality, as you would expect from BRIO, and made using FSC certified, sustainable wood.

On two sides of the labyrinth are small handles which turn to move the angle of the game board. By using these you tilt the board and guide the ball through the maze - well, that's the theory. The best any of us has managed so far is to fall into hole number 16!

Whenever the ball falls through a hole, that's your score and it'll roll along inside and fall out of the little hole at the bottom. It stays there really well actually and astoundingly we haven't lost either ball despite having the game considerably longer than the usual 4 minutes before a vital piece is lost!

This is a classic toy and there are reasons it's been popular ever since it was introduced over 70 years ago. It doesn't need batteries or anything else. You can play for 2 minutes or 2 hours, by yourself or with others. It has a quite hypnotic challenge which keeps you coming back to improve your score, and you can improve, so everyone feels rewarded.

Should we ever actually finish the challenge, you can even buy extra Labyrinth Boards and start all over with a new maze or two to conquer...

BRIO Labyrinth is suitable for players aged 6+. Available to buy now rrp £29.99 from independent stockists in store and online, including Amazon (aff*), where it is currently reduced to £24.99. You can find out more about the entire BRIO range on the BRIO website

Amazon links are affiliate links which means I earn a few pence if you order through my link, but you don't pay any more. We'll use it to buy new balls once my kids realise all their potential uses and pinch them... We were sent our BRIO Labyrinth for review. 


  1. I loved these types of games when I was younger. They are so much fun and remind me of playing the crystal maze x

    1. It reminds me of The Crystal Maze too! It's as hard as that as well - we're all fairly rubbish at it so far :D


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