Tuesday 17 April 2018

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Review for Hasbro (age 6+)

Star Wars Mighty Muggs are not something we knew existed before we were sent a couple to review, but I'm glad we found them. Heavy little plastic figures who have overly-large heads which switch facial expression, and in fact their entire face, when you press down on their heads.

We've been sent Finn and Chewie Star Wars Mighty Muggs and there were no shortages of offers from my family to take them off my hands. You can see why though. These might be toys, but they are very cool toys that will look just as good on a collectors shelf as a young child's desk.

The packaging is actually useless for keeping them clean, as it has a hole on the top, but the glass jar effect works really well and I almost didn't want to take them out. They are fixed to the base by a 1/4 turn screw, so you can remove them in seconds.

Each Mighty Mugg has 3 faces, which turn when you press down the head. So simple and based on an ancient toy-making methods, yet so satisfying. It's really well done, you can barely tell they move when you first look at the figures.

Mighty Muggs are only slightly poseable in that their arms move, and it does seem as if they should be holding something, but there's barely and room beneath their giant heads. They balance really well considering, and even stay standing with my children bashing them on the head.

The detail isn't perfect, but it's not bad for the size, and the plastic has a very slightly textured surface, making them feel better quality, more comfortable and warmer to hold than shiny plastic. They're the perfect size for a child's hand.

Mighty Muggs are actually very cute, although I think Chewbacca could be even cuter...

My entire family would have fought over these, so I can hardly give them a bad review. I'm just annoyed I didn't 'bagsie' one myself before the requests started...

Star Wars Mighty Muggs are suitable for age 6+ and available to buy now rrp £9.99 from all good toy stockists, including Amazon (*affiliate link). Made by Hasbro, they are also available in Marvel and other ranges (you should see Groot!!).

The Mirrored Boba Fett Helmet is courtesy of my mate Brett aka Creative Headspace
We were sent our Star Wars Mighty Muggs for review as we are part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. *All Amazon links are affiliate links, so you don't pay any more, but I make a few pence if you order through my link. One day I may have earned enough for a Groot!

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