Tuesday 24 April 2018

Timber!!!!!! A brand new family festival in the woods 6th-8th July 2018

Wild Rumpus are brilliant at bringing a bit of magic to our lives and this year they are launching a brand new festival for families in the heart of the country. Feanedock in the National Forest, just south of Burton-On-Trent (and very close to where I grew up) will play host to Timber: The International Forest Festival. Running from 6-8th July 2018 it promises adventure for everyone...

We've been invited to review and I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity. My young boys, just like their siblings, can create a day's worth of amazing pure fun given only a bit of woodland and some freedom to explore and imagine. It should be a weekend off for everyone...

Unlike other festivals, Timber is about music and art, but also philosophy and sustainability. It will be carbon neutral and powered by 100% renewable energy. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about their environment as well as play in it, joining discussions and workshops with thinkers and scientists.

Creators of the Just So Festival among other events, Wild Rumpus are great at bringing together all of the senses. Timber will include live music stages, campfires, light and fire installations and lantern processions, crafts and workshops, and our favourite, storytelling.

There'll be den-building, aerobatic displays, the world premiere of Seek, Find, Speak at the outdoor theatre, a masked ball, tree-climbing and a 7 metre recreation of the moon. It sounds epic and I really am very excited.

We'll be covering the festival on social media, as well as writing a review when we get home, but it sounds like the sort of festival I'd arrange for myself - we just need to book in a little dry weather!

Timber takes place at Feanedock, DE12 6DQ, from the 6th - 8th of July 2018

Tickets for Timber Festival are now available at £130 /£45 for a weekend ticket, £40 /£15 for day visitors, under 3's free. Numbers are kept low at 6000 total visitors, which means a more enjoyable and calm experience for all and no time wasted queuing. People who live within the National Forest get an additional 10% off their ticket price.

Find out more and book tickets on the Timber Festival website, and keep up to date with new line-up announcements on the Timber Festival Facebook page...

For a better feel of what might be on offer, take a look at my other posts from Wild Rumpus led events:

Our entry to Timber will be as guests to review - I'll be working, but what an office! 


  1. This looks like a fabulous place to visit. I've still not been to a festival yet, but this looks fun x

    1. I can't believe you've never been to a festival. Do it Susan, you'd love it. You are practically forced to slow down, sit down and just relax :)

  2. This looks and sounds so much fun and is right up your street! I can't say timber without yelling it though ;) Sim x

    1. Hahahaha nor me! That's why I added all of the !!!!!!!!! :D It really does sound perfect for us :)


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