Sunday 15 April 2018

#TBCSmiles 44 Months.

This last month feels like a disruptive one all around. We've had Easter and seemingly the longest break (my own children are not yet back at school) and we went from snow to glorious sunshine as Spring arrived with a thump after very late frosts.

The blogging world saw two families lose a member this week, so right now my social media world is a quiet and reflective one, and we are all counting our blessings and hugging our family a little tighter. My best wishes and more importantly strength to anyone who has lost someone precious.

I have personal reasons to be reflective, after sneezing myself a hernia last month and some blood tests revealing that my physical health all round didn't fare well with the last 5 years of stress and aging. I'm now taking masses of iron to try and bring that back to a more normal level - and it's working because already I'm noticing my breathing is a bit better and I'm less tired. I'm having more tests on other bits and pieces, nothing too serious, but it's time to look after myself a bit better now. As a Mum you dedicate your entire life to looking after your family, it can be hard to turn that focus on yourself. I have obviously failed at it.

One thing I haven't failed at is making my family smile, and we've had absolutely tons this month - as have you guys! I'll start with our smiles and a proper good old-fashioned day off in Blackpool, an 8th birthday, belated world book day and a long 2 weeks off school, college and uni have helped make some excellent memories...

You had lots of the same reasons to smile, as well as lots of your own and wedding season has obviously started! Thank you to all of the people who joined in this month, it was lovely to see so many new faces and names - the more the merrier! To join in just tag any photo on Instagram that has a smile, grin, chuckle or chortle with #TBCSmiles

Here are 9 of this month's brightest smiles - it's always virtually impossible to choose only 9, but a nice sort of impossible...

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If you don't know why we collect our smiles, you can find out here. They are the reason and the reminder for why we carry on. You have smiles too, and if you can't see them, please just look a little harder...


  1. Thank you for including our smile! Sounds to me you've had a wonderful break! I'm happy to see a photo of your smile in the round up too :)

    1. :D It's a rare day anyone takes a photo of me! I'm really pleased I got it. It was a good break - we got a lot of house tidying done and a lot of playing x
      Thanks for sharing your photos of Squidge! He's a star :)

  2. I just love these posts so much. They never fail to make me smile xx

  3. so many lovely smiles :) You really do need to take care of yourself more madam, listen to me, you don't want to end up like me do you? I know it's hard when family comes first, but they need you in good health too. xxx


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